Telegram fined for refusing to help in the investigation of the terrorist act in St. Petersburg

The company Telegram Messenger LLP was fined 800 thousand rubles for refusing to provide the FSB with access keys to the correspondence of several users. Two of them are suspected of organizing a terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro on April 3, the Republic explained.

The publication writes that the FSB wanted to decrypt messages from six phone numbers, whose owners, as they say in the service, were “suspected of involvement in terrorist activities”. In its request, the FSB did not mention the names of people, only three nicknames were given for the three numbers.

According to Rossvyaz, four phones were bought in Moscow and the Moscow region, two more – in Dagestan and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Republic learned that only three numbers from the list are registered in Telegram, another one is in WhatsApp, the other two phones are not tied to any of the popular instant messengers. “This, however, does not mean that they did not use Telegram before, because deleting the account erases all information,” the investigation of the publication says.

Two numbers from the request of the FSB belonged to the brothers Abror and Akram Asimov, who were arrested in the case of the terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro. Abror Azimov used the wallpaper. At the interrogation, he said that to communicate with the organizer of the explosion, he used WhatsApp, not Telegram.