The cause of the fire in the “Winter cherry” called water

Fire in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry” on March 25, occurred due to short circuit caused by a leak in the roof of the building. To such conclusion the center of expertise of the fires of Saint-Petersburg University EMERCOM of Russia, according to “Kommersant”.

According to preliminary conclusions of experts, which a source told the newspaper, circuit occurred on the fourth floor above a children’s play area. Snow from the roof of the shopping center is not removed, it began to melt, and the water got on the wires. The first lighted plastic chandelier over the baby dry pool with foam blocks, which began to burn because of kupivshego on top of plastic.

smoke and temperature alarm went off, but the direct fire area is not filled: frozen after a frost the water pipe connected to the system, blocked. The fire, according to experts of the center, could be local, but it fanned ventilation that nobody turned off.

Smoke filled the entire floor for a few minutes, this time in the cinema ended one of the sessions. Part came from hall of people tried to break through the smoke, but didn’t make it through the emergency exit, which was closed. The rest died in the hall.

the Source also said that on closed lines were established circuit breakers to protect against such cases, but for some reason they didn’t work. Alarm sensors work wasted: notification of a fire alarm in the building was included manually on duty on the button the guard did not activate the warning.

Previously, “Kommersant” wrote that the owner “Winter cherry” knew about the problems in the security system for at least two years. To put it in order, required seven million rubles, but the money was not allocated.