The causes of achieving Russians record levels of happiness

the Russians this year feeling as happy as never before in the entire history of sociological measurement. About it TASS announced at the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) on Thursday, may 3.

“According to a recent survey, 83 percent of our citizens generally consider themselves happy people, noted sociologists of the centre. — Traditionally more optimistic about their condition young people (87 per cent among 18-24-year-olds), respondents with high income (96 percent) than elderly men (79 percent among 60-year-old and older) and the poor (58 percent)”.

Often people makes a happy family (30 percent), good health (16 percent), work (14 per cent) and having children (13 percent).

Among his friends and relatives say the Russians or equal to the number of happy and unhappy (42 per cent) or the prevalence of a happy life (40%).

Dissatisfaction with life because of poverty was expressed by 7 percent of respondents.

“the Mood of social optimism prevail among our countrymen is a fact. Financial difficulties be an irritant, but it is on the far periphery of the public consciousness” — commented on the Agency survey results Director of the Center for social and economic research Russian Academy of national economy and public administration Oleg chernozub.

a Telephone survey conducted March 13 and 14, among two thousand adult respondents across the country.