The concerns of Russians corruption was the highest in 15 years

the Russians have more to worry about corruption, social stratification, inaccessibility of education and medical care, find out sociologists “Levada-center”.

Concern about corruption reached a maximum of 15 years of research of the center: 38 percent of respondents cited this problem more acute. A year ago it said 28 percent of respondents.

Every third Respondent noted that it is experiencing due to the crisis in the economy and a sharp stratification on rich and poor, every fourth — because of private healthcare and education is unavailable.

most of the Russians traditionally concerned with the problems associated with material well-being. 47 percent of respondents worried about poverty, 40 per cent because of unemployment. The biggest concern among respondents was about possible price increases — so said 63 percent of respondents. Compared to previous years this figure has decreased significantly, for example, in early 2017, it was 69% in 2016, 77 percent, and in 2015 and 82%.