The Dean of Moscow state University was supported by Slutsky in his right “to put a hand on my knee and any place”

the background of the scandal with the prosecution of the Deputy of the state Duma Leonid Slutsky in the harassment, the Dean of the graduate school of television MSU Vitaly Tretyakov in his lecture at the Novosibirsk state University (NSU) told the students about the right of Parliament to flirt with girls. The video of his speech published by the TV channel RTVI.

“Slutsky as a normal man in certain circumstances could put his hand on the bare knee of the woman or if she’s in the pants was, in some other place. I do not see anything wrong,” said the teacher, responding to a question about his attitude to the behavior of the Deputy.

One of the students noted that at the end of his answer Tretyakov said: “Solicited and will solicit. And not only to journalists”. The channel said that after this, many students demonstratively left the lecture. Some students interpreted the words of the lecturer as a personal insult and intend to demand from the leadership of the University an apology.

Earlier, three journalists accused bosses of harassment and inappropriate behavior. The Duma Commission on ethics on March 21 here to the conclusion that in his actions there was nothing unacceptable. The members of the Commission ignored the arguments of the girls and not familiar with transcription of audio recordings where you can hear Slutsky offers correspondent “the Russian service Bi-bi-si” Farida Rustamova to leave her boyfriend and become his mistress.