The doctor-hematologist of Misurina overturned the verdict

Judicial Board the Moscow city court overturned the conviction of the doctor-hematologist Elena Mishurina, which had previously received two years in prison for committing a medical error that caused the death of the patient. On Monday, April 16, reports “the Media”.

According to the court case Misurina will be returned in Prosecutor to correct procedural violations. While the elected informed the defendant the measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave remains in effect.

in addition, the Moscow city court issued a private determination against the Prosecutor SWAD, bodies of preliminary investigation, Cheremushkinsky court which has sentenced Misurina to the conclusion, or investigative.

it is Noted that the hearing at the request of the aggrieved party was held behind closed doors.

In February, the Moscow city court released Misurino of the jail under the house arrest until the sentence comes into legal force.

January 22, Cheremushkinsky district court of Moscow has sentenced 42-year-old head of the Hematology service of the hospital №52, Moscow Elena Mishurina to two years in prison under article 238 of the criminal code (“the services that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death”). She was found guilty of committing medical errors in July 2013. According to investigators, during bone marrow biopsy Misurina man has damaged blood vessels, which a few days later, he died in another clinic. The doctor, in turn, assured that this could not happen and the patient died of other cause. The relatives of the deceased demanded 15 million rubles compensation for moral damage.