The government of Moscow region told about the system “Safe region”

In the Moscow region already more than 18 thousand video cameras connected to the system “Safe region”, said the Deputy President of the government of Moscow Dmitry Pestov. His words are on website the regional government on Monday, April 16.

“In 2018, special attention will be paid to the integration of video cameras installed at entrances, in courtyards, on playgrounds. This will expand the coverage of the surveillance system, improve work efficiency law enforcement the disclosure of the offences committed in these areas, and allow residents the suburbs feel even more protected”, — said Dmitry Pestov.

He said that from the beginning, the system “Safe region” integrated about 2,500 surveillance cameras.

November 20, Dmitry Pestov told about establishment of about four thousand cameras in 13 suburban municipalities involved in the world championship on football of 2018. “It will allow to increase the level of safety of participants and guests of the world Cup, which will reside in the territory of Moscow region” — he noted.