The Kremlin compared the euphoria of Russians after the match with Spain with the chronicle of may 9, 1945

the Russians Celebrate the victory of his team in the match against Spain and reaching the quarter-finals of the world Cup is comparable with the chronicle of may 9, 1945, said the press Secretary of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. His words leads RIA Novosti on Monday, 2 July.

“Enthusiastic and such an epic evaluation of the triumph, which was yesterday, they are understandable from an emotional point of view. If you look at the many streets of Russian cities yesterday, including Moscow, I have personally seen, this was largely comparable with the chronicle of may 9, 1945, except that the salute was not” — said Peskov.

As the representative of the Kremlin said the statement the Independent newspaper the fact that Russia did not know such triumph since 1945.

however, he stressed that in this case it was about the celebration of victory in war, and in sports. “Sport, it brings people together rather than divides us. And turnabout is fair play, and fair play wins as they say, the strongest at the moment”, he added.

1 Jul Spain lost the Russians in the match of 1/8 final of the world Cup. At the end of normal time or extra time winner could not be determined (1:1). In the penalty shootout, the goalkeeper of Russia Igor Akinfeev repelled two shots, the first time in history brought the national team to the quarterfinals of the world Cup.