The plane Yavlinsky depressurized on the way from Grozny

the plane in which the candidate in presidents of Russia from party “the Apple” Grigory Yavlinsky came back from Grozny to Moscow, depressurization. About it reported a press-the Secretary of party Igor Jakovlev, reports “Interfax” on Wednesday, March 7.

“They flew from Grozny to Moscow, and when it circled toward the airport, the pilot announced depressurization of the cabin. Although they didn’t feel it, but the problem was that the plane began to decline sharply, in just a few minutes from a height of 10 thousand meters up to 4-5 thousand,” — said Yakovlev.

According to him, it caused discomfort among passengers, “people just clutched his head, someone was bleeding from the ears, met the plane three soon.” Press Secretary of Yabloko said that Yavlinsky’s ears, but “in General, all right.”

a Source in the emergency services also told the Agency that “the incident occurred yesterday evening around 17:00 GMT”. “The crew of the aircraft “Boeing-737″ going from Grozny to Moscow, reported about the emergency situation on Board —a depressurization of the aircraft and requested emergency descent from a height of 8 thousand meters to a level of about 3 thousand meters”, — said the source. The pilots managed at a low level to get to the airport Vnukovo in Moscow. After planting experts began a comprehensive assessment of the transport.