The police of St. Petersburg sue journalists for the news of torture in police of Petersburg

Managing interior Ministry for the Central district of St. Petersburg filed a lawsuit against “the Media” for the news about the Russians, complained of torture in the 78th Department of police of the city. It is reported Facebook a member of the Public oversight Commission (POC) Jan Teplitskaia.

the statement of Claim for protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

“Ministry of internal Affairs on the Central district again filed a lawsuit to me: this time it is about the complaint of torture on the third floor of the 78th Department of police. The scheme is the same as last time: a prisoner told us about the torture in the Department, we are attaching his appeal, filed a statement about the crime and wrote about the complaint publicly. The government has investigated and made a decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case and went to court with a claim to me and the media that published information about the complaint. This time it’s “the Media”,” wrote Teplitskaia.

the Material on violence in the St. Petersburg police Department was published November 16, 2017. It said that the detainee on suspicion in illegal drug trafficking from St. Petersburg complained of torture at the police. According to men, during the arrest, he “came down”, and then was beaten and threatened with a sledgehammer. Defenders have added that of St Petersburg were forced to squat and lying on the floor, was beaten in front of witnesses, not allowed to call their family and didn’t call an ambulance. According to PMC members, at the 78th Department of police has repeatedly complained about the abuse and use of force.