The priest was acquitted of beating his wife after leaving to his mistress with self-defense

the international court of the Kaluga region found the rector of the Kazan temple of Maxim Nemychenkov guilty of beating his wife Mary and was fined 5 thousand rubles, reports

the court found, with his wife Mary Nemychenkov and four children he lived more than a year, she left for another woman, but night of September 8 last year, he returned home and beat the wife. According to her, he smelled alcohol.

“Maxim came into the room, turned off all the lights, stood over me and started begging to feed him. Because at that time we only formally was spouses, money for the maintenance of children, he did not give (even had to file for child support), I refused. Then Maxim began to raise his voice, said that I was a charity case”, — told in the court Nemychenkov.

the Priest stood on her feet and began kicking her, then selected a mobile phone to her mother, and when Mary tried to resist, she twisted her hands, was hit several times in the chest, threw it on the door jambs. After this the Abbot closed in one of the rooms with the eldest son, and after Nemychenkov went there, the eyes of the child began to choke.

the Woman called the elder brother, called the police, sought medical help and to forensic scientists. She has recorded abrasions and bruises on the arms, thighs, chest, and redness on the neck.

On the court Nemychenkov said that his actions were in self defense, because the wife he “pounced to take the phone.” “I do not admit their guilt, do not consider yourself the aggressor, the who, the offences committed. I tried to calm and spouse is no shock she didn’t applied”, — he said, and complained that “already there have been situations when his wife is not fed”.

He also said that he was not drunk. Bruising on the body of the couple, the priest explained the awkwardness of his wife, which she banged on the door, but the coroner refuted these assumptions and said that such injuries are the result of violence.