The Russians called the amount needed for “normal life”

the Average Russian family of three people need each month 75.9 thousand rubles for a normal standard of living. This is the Agency RIA Novosti citing data from the survey research holding “ROMIR”.

In March this year during the national poll, respondents were asked the question — how much money should a family of three people living in their settlement, for “a normal life”. 21 percent of respondents said the amount of 20 to 45 thousand rubles per month. 66% 45-120 thousand rubles. 13 percent of respondents needed an average of more than 120 thousand rubles per month.

“Thus, the average Russian family claims a monthly income of 75 thousand 900 rubles,” the study says.

the survey polled 1.5 thousand people aged 18 years and older living in cities and rural areas in all Federal districts. Sample representerait the adult population of Russia.

In November 2017, a survey conducted Public house, showed that Russians consider the poverty threshold of a monthly income of 20 thousand rubles. The survey polls showed that poverty for the Russians starts below the monthly income of 15 thousand rubles.