The Russians rescued the cats from the basement and got under criminal article

a resident of the capital Alexey Tikhomirov, reveals the scrap produhi basements for the sake of the cats, was the defendant in a criminal case. This was told on his page on Facebook journalist Marina Akhmedova.

According to her, the man accused of threat by murder (article 119 of the criminal code) the tenant of the house named Anatoly who were trying to steal scrap of activist and stop to rescue the immured animals. “Now, Singh has asked for a world of 200 thousand rubles. Alexey has no such money”, — she noted in another post on this topic.

the Incident occurred on 10 December 2017. According to the journalist, the decision on excitation of criminal case stated that between Tikhomirov and the victim had a quarrel on soil “personal aversions”, in which the first was to verbally threaten to murder a second, swinging a crowbar.

Akhmedov describes a different version of events. “Man attacked Alex, tried to take away the scrap. Alex scrap not given, and during the scuffle the man got a poke that with a crowbar in the chest. Later, the results of the examination in the emergency room show no fracture, just a bruise” she said.

the conflict also interfered with the relatives of the resident, of the disturbed trying to save cats. They beat and Tikhomirov, and the girl, was the reason for his arrival. And one of the attackers introduced himself to the police.

before the 17th of April the Deputy head of the Ministry Andrei Chibis he said that the office was officially “allowed to retain even oblige to keep in the basement produhi size 15 by 15 centimeters in order to cats could get out of the basement and go to the basement” reports “Interfax”.