The sparrows invited the residents to share “Victory Forest”

residents of the Moscow region will be able to take part in the ecological action on planting of trees “Victory Forest”, said the Governor of Andrei Vorobyov. His words are on website the regional government on Tuesday, April 17.

“Victory Forest” is already traditional event this year will celebrate it on may 12. I very much hope that the heads of the territories, as before, the responsible will come to him, and we will plant in parks and vacant lots, new flowers, new trees, which will delight the eye,” he said.

Earlier Tuesday, the Chairman of the forestry Committee of the Moscow region Ivan Advisors announced that the action can take part to 200 thousand persons. According to him, for the planting of trees and prepared more than 1.2 thousand sites. In addition, the trade network in the region planning to release a series of bags with branding of the event.

last year, the campaign in the Central military clinical hospital named Mandryka yunarmeytsy, military, foresters, representatives government of the Moscow region veterans of the great Patriotic war were planted 1.5 thousand trees, according to RIA Novosti.