The teacher was punished after winning student in the national contest

a Teacher from Muravievka (Amur oblast) Victoria Myasnikov was reprimanded after he went with his disciple to the all-Russian contest in Moscow, where the student became the winner and his name added to the list of gifted children of Russia, informs “”.

According to the newspaper, Myasnikova for the trip to the contest were asked to write a statement on vacation at his own expense. She refused because, she said, was going there to work. After the student of the 11th class Dmitry Snowballs won in the category “Seas and oceans” and received a grant from the presidential Fund in the amount of 20 thousand rubles a month for the entire period of study at the University, instead of congratulating the teacher received a reprimand — disciplinary action for truancy. From the salary of the teacher kept 10 thousand rubles, despite the fact that instead of her lessons no lead.

the Teacher added that she’s going to keep and the amount of listed capital the organizers of the competition at the expense of the school for tickets and accommodation for the teacher and student.

“They still can not understand that we are going there too to study and work. They somehow got it into his head that we’re going to have fun,” complained the woman.

As explained by the head of the district Nikolai Zmushko, the administration really has a claim to the teacher. “There are a number of questions on its subjects. In addition, she is engaged in this business, it are the objects, which is necessary to run the program, is the 11-th and 8-th and 10-th classes. No, I do not blame her, but you have to think about the future a large number of children”, — he commented on the conflict.

Director Muravyev school from commenting on the publication refused. The Ministry of education and science of the Amur region has promised to check.