“They said that we are harming the child’s psyche”

in the Settlement of urdoma of Arkhangelsk region — a little more than four thousand inhabitants. However, the local rural school is almost the only educational institution in Russia, have developed their own system of assessments: a progressive scale that indicates the level of knowledge. For the replacement of fives and twos in Latin letters ugamsky teachers attacked the activists of the “Parental resistance”, who found the novelty to undermine the child’s psyche. Why do we need innovation in the village and how the quality of education in a rural school can compete with the city, “the Tape.ru” said the Director of Urdomskoye high school Vladimir Dodonov.

“Ribbon.ru”: many of You hate. Parents in your village progressive concept is not understood, and began to protest.

Dodonov: Everything comes with a supply of single mothers. I have it happen on the page “Vkontakte”, and does not block.

a woman of Principle…

Yes, she is a fan of the sites of social movements such as the “all-Russian Parental resistance”, “Association of parental committees and communities”, where much talk about the forced chipping of the population, that aliens decided to enslave us, destroying our Soviet education, the state seeks to take children from their parents for no apparent reason… a Year ago it was an open letter to the Ministry of education of the Arkhangelsk region, which was signed by 160 parents. In this letter it was said that the new ratings traumatize the child’s psyche, kills the learning process.

160 signatories — a lot or a little?

Less than a third of the number of students who are trained with the use of our assessment system. When we received this appeal, was invited to talk to parents who signed it. Chat managed with a half of Protestants, of whom about 20 people said I don’t know how I got the letter for their signature.

In the beginning, when the new appraisal system has just started, there were a lot of comments of dissatisfaction on the part of parents. To the new it is always hard to get used to it. But today, “tasted”, most parents and children say, do not try to old to come back.

why would you need a new system of evaluation than the old one did not hit?

Our school was one of the sites in the Arkhangelsk region for the pilot introduction of new Federal state educational standards (FSES). Across the country the launch of the new standards of basic education was held in 2015, and we are introduced with 2012. The new school standards are very much change the education system.

what exactly does this mean?

the Ability to get knowledge, to analyze, to transform information from one form to another. For example, to make text table, table — chart to plan the report, etc. That is, the student must know the mathematical formulas, but to be able to work with text. In his math class with mathematical material, in bio — organic history`with historical. We, the GEF has taken to heart and involved in their implementation, not for replies. And faced with the fact that the current five point rating scale does not fit to the new goals and tasks of modern education. Her biggest weakness is their lack of clear criteria.


I work in the school since 1990. As we expose the evaluation? Five — when exactly, no mistakes there. One or two errors or four. If errors are substantial, which distort the essence of the answer, three, deuce. But let’s say, in the written reply it is still possible for the number of subject errors to try to determine the score, and how to deal with verbal response? Therefore, we proposed a method of evaluation.

so have themselves developed a new rating system?

Yes, you have developed yourself, although radically new in fact invented nothing. It is a worldwide advocated and sometimes practiced. We have in the country in 1930-1960-ies Soviet teachers-innovators has offered a similar approach. They said that any job, any work the student needs to be broken into criteria. Actually, this is all we’ve done.

we Have the evaluation sheets with clear criteria for control for the current character. And grade we have not exhibited as now available in e-diary is to summarize all that is, and display the arithmetic mean. We clearly spelled out: the assessment for the quarter and for the year will be billed on the results of work of control.

What kind of evaluation sheets, who makes up the criteria?

a scorecard and criteria to it is the master himself. Depending on the scope of the topic criteria can be from 5 to 20. This knowledge of the theory and its application in practice, and ways of problem solving and design, and the ability to work in a team, ability to plan text or a plan of response, etc. the Teacher is required in advance for a few days to tell your child about upcoming tests and to issue the scorecard. It is written in detail how many points you can earn for each criterion. Well, then look at the maximum number of points you can score in the test. Half gained already did it, though feeble. And, accordingly, introduced a letter: high—, higher—, base—, low — D, low — F.

So, you have the same five-point scale, only instead of numbers — letters?

Not quite. The main difference is that we paint assessment, making it more transparent. The child brings home completed by the teacher after verification scorecard. And everything is clear. For example, for knowledge formulas is worth 10 points, and the maximum you can get 12 points — one for each formula. And you can see what formula the child does not know. Or the ability to solve problems of this type — three points from three possible. But for the fact that the answer obtained is wrong, one of two possible. That is, the child did everything right, went on the desired algorithm, but made an arithmetic error. The student understands the topic, but perhaps I was inattentive. And the student, and parents see where any gaps in knowledge and skills.

is it legal that the school implements its own system of evaluation?

the Only thing approved by the state is stoballnoy scale of the exam. Today you need to understand that the state a five-point grading system no. Five-point mark just out of inertia is used in most educational institutions in the country, but not everywhere. By the way, a five-point scale Russia had borrowed in the old days of the German education system.

How does your school take the exam?

for Many years we have results above the average for the Arkhangelsk region. Children well received, including the budget places in universities of Moscow, St. Petersburg. But we must understand that we have not had the exam at children who are learning the new standards. But when the ninth-graders of the pilot project passed state exams last year, their results in comparison with previous years was very good. We had two classes who studied under the new FSES, and one class, and strong enough — under the old system. The percentage of the number of b and C students is about the same. However, the percentage of compliance evaluations, “letter” classes above.

What is the percentage of compliance evaluations?

When, for example, for the year the student put one assessment and in the exam it result not confirmed, receives a lower rating or higher. In classes with a new evaluation system divergence was much less — that is, “diagnosis” academic achievements of the student, we have supplied is correct. So, our assessment system as a whole objectively the same.

And if children transfer to another school as there are good?

the Letter grades are translated into the traditional system when transferring a child to another school and when issued, the final certificate of education.

but a strange grading system, parents accused you, and in the promotion of drugs.

It’s the same tireless mother. We have her complaint against the grading system was eight prosecutorial and Ministerial inspections. No significant violations found, we continue to work on this system. Then a parent, complaining that all around purchased, has written a new complaint and accused the school in the promotion of addiction. The school was aware of the Federal program “Useful skills”. It is 11 lessons per year from the fifth to the seventh grade. Classes are devoted mainly to help the children in communicating with peers, with parents. How to say no in a situation when you are offered to try drugs. The topic of drugs was addressed in four lessons over three years.

exactly What caused the dissatisfaction?

We tried to blame that we drug name use in the classroom, and this, according to some parents, you cannot do this, they believe, could provoke, spur unnecessary curiosity. Well, to make up a story as if we learn how to use drugs. We had to defend the good name of the school in court. Filed a suit about protection of business reputation and won.

Our history, I think, not finished yet. Children of this mother still far from graduation. For instance, she fantasized that our school is “seksprosvet”. Also in court had to prove that the information is untrue. She and other schools with their attention bypasses. I wrote a complaint to the institution is located more than 40 kilometers away, about what foreigners go. There is also the check came. I think it’s just the type of person to fight constantly.

Hunting you in such a nervous environment, innovation to implement? Yes, even in a rural school, from which, as a rule, no, don’t expect miracles.

and we do not seek to do miracles. We try to efficiently do their job. Our school is considered one of the best in the Arkhangelsk region. In 2006, we are the only in the area received a presidential grant for the implementation of innovative technologies. In fact, since Soviet times for Urdomskoye high school has earned the reputation of educational institutions, which introduces interesting innovations.

And what in Soviet times was the innovation?

When in the 1960-ies, when General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, began Polytechnical schools, rural schools were required to teach agriculture specialties: tractor drivers and milkmaids. But Urdoma — settlement worker, agriculture here is not very developed. Therefore, the school refused. Began preparing drivers of category “b” and “C” is the cars and trucks, and girls are taught seamstresses. We are one of the first in the country since 1994, implemented a specialized education in high school. Over the years in school were science classes, chemistry and biology, information, physical and mathematical, technical, humanitarian, socio-economic profiles. In the city, not every school can boast this. Now high school students we have trained are not in specialized classes, and in mixed groups according to individual educational trajectories.

is the Money come from?

Not to say that we have from a material point of view, everything is gorgeous, but I somehow find resources, recruit sponsors, seeking additional extrabudgetary income. We are still free to teach our children to drive a car, they can get after school, a driver’s license. Is it bad? To the school three years ago joined the children’s house of creativity. All clubs and sports clubs there are free. Of 671 student in our school, more than 460 attend further education.

Communism. And people complain that the quantity and quality of free time dramatically reduced, especially in rural areas.

While our region well funded additional education. Yes, we’ve got a different mentality, not in the city. We are not trying to make money on education. Children’s education, including additional and must be, in my opinion, free. We have school buses that bring children to school and taken after school. The settlement of urdoma consists of several parts, the margin of three-to-five kilometers removed from the school. And we have several villages in 15-22 miles. In this village now live only one senior, and we are daily delivered by car to school.

For one of the girls drive?

In my opinion, for the state is much less than contain a boarding school. And the girl is good every day at home.

Schools are now more difficult to communicate with parents?

In Soviet times, the parent is almost all farmed out to school, believing that there are specialists, and they must provide training and education. Perhaps it was not very good. But today it often happens that the parents are not trying to delve into the specifics of the different pedagogical issues and know how to do it correctly. I have two hands, when parents actively intervene in such issues, what and how to feed the child in the school cafeteria, school five days or six days, whether heat and light do in the classroom. In matters relating to learning conditions and the health of the child, the family should have the right to vote, then on our side, even questions should arise.

But sometimes it comes to the ridiculous. A parent comes with a complaint: “Why son, this subject explained so? When I was a student, we have another said.” Well, you’re absolutely, guys! There are different methodologies, approaches, technologies. Time is moving forward. And to solve these issues give us, the experts. And an important effect, the result, not the methods, unless of course they are not contrary to laws and morals.

But if there is no effect? Now the child comes home, and his parents forced to explain what is written in the textbooks. That is like a second home school re-opens.

There is a trouble. Sometimes overdoing colleagues, and not only on the new standards. I argue with my teachers in first and second class: “you Have the world in the second class the 28 projects. You are in my mind, when you offer children to fulfill all of their? Are you sure that the second grader can well on your computer to prepare a multimedia presentation in PowerPoint? And you baby taught to do a presentation? And if not, what do you want from him? Otherwise all these projects turn into fiction as often in Russia and is. And baby, you know all the specifics of state-building since childhood picks!

But you watch it?

Yes, of course, and not only watched, but trying to get rid of the obvious overlap. A competent teacher will not allow it, but the competence of teachers is different and different desire every teacher has the competence to increase. What can we in the school do to solve this problem, but not everything is under our control. And a queue of teachers wanting to work in school, not behind a gate.

Because the salary is small?

Average earnings from us — 41 120 thousand rubles. It’s half rate, with any additional load, and with the Northern factor. But let’s be honest: the real wage is reduced. Teacher I have a year ago, the same received. The Technicals then I earned 10 thousand Northern the odds and is now 16 thousand gets. I’m not saying that it’s a lot. In the North, to pay wages less than 16 thousand — mockery. The only difference between skilled and unskilled labor is declining, and well-paid teachers with experience. Young master, if I come, will receive 21 thousand. But it is not just about money, even though they are important.

And what?

Reduces the importance of the profession. The society feels the negative mood. But they at least felt a social assessment of their work, but now everyone tries to spit. In the cities the shortage of teachers and in the countryside who will go?