“This is a war against its own people”

April 16, State Duma will consider the bill on retaliatory measures against countries that supported the us sanctions against Russia. Document suggests not only the actual severance of international relations, but also the prohibition of imports from the United States and countries their allies (mainly member States EU) pharmaceuticals. We are talking about those drugs, the analogues of which are formally is in Russia, that is mostly about imported drugs. It is expected that the bill will be passed because its sponsors — the leaders of Duma factions. “the Tape.ru” found out why their initiative will be a death sentence not for the Americans and for the Russians.

Maya Sonina, Director of the Foundation of care for patients with cystic fibrosis “Oxygen”

In Russia, about three thousand patients with cystic fibrosis. In that case, if the bill is adopted, we do not help them, even if you sever. Those drugs they receive for life, usually imported from America and Europe. This medications and mucolytics (drugs for expectoration of sputum), and antibiotics, and insulin — diabetics among them is enough. The Russian counterparts do not hold water: in the background of their reception develop serious complications. We, unfortunately, know it is a sad practice: the patient was discharged from the hospital, where he was appointed domestic generics, and after a short time he had deteriorated, he suffered liver failure.

to Recover after their reception it is impossible, because this leads to further immunity to any medications — particularly potent antibiotics and as a consequence, to death. Colistin, tobramycin for inhalation — how long you can enumerate this list, our patients take them for life, and only on these drugs and keep just because of them survive.

Russian counterparts is the crude drugs that fail clinical trials… Tests carried out directly on patients every time they need to call an ambulance and record the side effects, then go to the head of the clinic, which collects the Council decides that the drug is not approached. Only after this custom bought the original drug. It is unsafe for the patients, and this practice is to replace the Russian generics — is a long time.

But now it turns out that working the medicine cannot be discharged even after the decision of the Council. Moreover, under the threat of a ban on all all drugs. Our main mucolytic “Pulmozyme” (Dornase Alfa), which allows to prolong life (without specific treatment, patients can live up to 16 years), has no analogues. But it has already been developed, and as soon as I get everything.

the bill says not only about drugs, but in General about any products. We purchase in America and Europe, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, and compressors for the ventilation apparatus, respiratory equipment, vibro for drainage of sputum, acceslevel, aspirators, and so on. God forbid to meet with the national: the same oxygen concentrator burns out instantly! And if the person kislorodozawisimam, and there is a surge, the unit just turns off, and the patient suffocated.

a Loophole with a personal allowance of medication is unlikely to work. Imagine an ordinary family from a village in the Chelyabinsk region. How will they ride? It’s a lot of money! Of course, our volunteers as you can using all the ways to deliver the drug, including semi-legal, but they are a great risk, because God knows what will come to mind to the customs officer. If the legal way have to wait for the decision of the medical Board of the respective Federal agencies. Now legal ways to do.

overseas operation, we have stopped sending is wild money. We once tried to send at public expense, but the documents were waiting for so long that the girl was sent to Strasbourg, did not get to the hospital and died on the station.

At the end of the sanctions, our ability to help ward decreased in eight times. Quarterly prescribed intravenous antibiotics: 9 grams Meronem in severe Pseudomonas infection of the lungs, the course of 21 days and a cost of 300 thousand rubles. Sometimes, relatives of patients there is a situation when there is nothing to pay for the funeral, and we offer cremation. Now we turn to a year and a half. Some will not have time to wait.

Humanitarian asylum managed to get only a few, and patients with rare diseases about half a million in the country. More diabetics and asthmatics who have absolutely no life without foreign drugs. All urgently to leave this country? It doesn’t work. You never know how to work in a country where harsh laws are published, which kompensiruet as if by not having their performance, and even amid a huge corruption. Everything is so unpredictable and strange that I can’t predict how we will go about our work.

Ekaterina Bermant, the Director of Fund “Children’s hearts”

I don’t even know what to say about it. It is a war against its own people. How can I prohibit to bring into the country medicines or medical equipment that we are producing is bad? How?

Every third our ward needs a pacemaker. We implant devices first foreign production. Russian analogues in our country is, but we dare not order them to our patients because the shelf life, quality and everything else varies approximately as “Zaporozhets” and “Mercedes”. Of course, they don’t break immediately, but more often and faster, because the Western quality standards have not been adopted. Now we use the services of dealers, and if they were banned, I don’t know how we’re going to get out. The bill has a clause that permitted the import of goods for personal use, but, you know, 600 people to import the pacemaker in the pocket will not work.

Yes, someone we will continue to send operations abroad — at least here, I hope that things will be okay, but all abroad not sent, no money is not enough. We already miss them, because all prices are tied to the dollar. So it will just be the death of some. This is a very stupid measure, which will not lead to anything, except skinny and sick damage the economy and damage to the health of the population. Although they [MPs] won’t notice.

*According to the Foundation, every year in Russia born 14 thousand children with congenital heart disease, 10 thousand of them can be operated through the budget, the rest still rely on the help of funds.

Ekaterina Chistyakova, Director of the Foundation “give life”

a ban on the import of medicines from USA and other nasty foreign countries, according to the bill will not affect those drugs that do not have analogues in Russia (or, say, to import from India). This is good news. According to the text, new drugs that are under patent protection and cannot be played (the same “Adcetris”, “Opdivo”, “Chitroda”), we did not leave because of the new law.

many other drugs we interrupted Talovskie generics. Or Hungarian (probably). Well, or Russian counterparts. That is, the availability of drugs will decrease, but not globally (will depend heavily on the list of countries which deny the import of medicines).

On the good news end. Bad news like that. Affected patients with drug allergies. For example, the drug is Russian and Israeli counterpart, but allergic to them, and need German medicine (and it is under sanctions). This is a hypothetical situation.

Can hurt patients with serious chronic diseases who need the drugs for life, and in high doses. For example, an antibiotic for treatment of pneumonia can be of any quality, since the treatment lasts long and the dose is small. But the same antibiotic for a patient with cystic fibrosis should be the most superior (from the point of view of toxicity, in particular), so how is daily life in large doses.

May suffer competition in the drug market. To all the producers worked on the quality and availability of its medicines to market has been great. But if the access of drugs to the Russian market limit, competition may shrivel.

However, all these consequences are still hypothetical. The actual situation depends a lot on what drugs will be included in a restrictive list of course, if the law is passed.

There are two neutral news. Certainly not the US will suffer. Russian pharmaceutical market is not very tasty pie. People in Russia are many, but the money is not enough. And what are you interested in any farm, even American? That’s right — money that can be gain from the sale of drugs. From the adoption of this law can only hurt the poor and the rich just will not suffer. The draft law does not limit the ability of citizens to import any drug for personal use. And who can go to Germany for pills? Certainly not poor. But the rich can, so after the law they will feel unless some inconvenience.

Alexander Saversky, President of the “League of defenders of patients”

sanctions against his people. It is a violation of international norms regarding the right to health, including the rights of persons with disabilities, for whom there is a special Convention. American drugs a little high, but replacing them is not. The original drug the molecular formula is always cleaner, they are better. The result of the reaction of the organism depends on the length formula of the molecule, due to the additional components it can act differently. In fact, the people just left without medicine and die, and it will be on conscience of deputies.

Restrictions for some foreign products, we are not the first, and patients often complain. To transfer person from one pill to the other, if we are not talking about chronic disease, is unwholesome. And because in our country no proper monitoring and Supervisory system, the magnitude of the effects we know, except for some complaints. Addressing such issues is through the medical Commission and then through Prosecutor and the court. All this against the background of deterioration of the human condition or to purchase the necessary medicines for crazy money.

of Course, we will attempt to bring in any number of ways: through charities, through trips abroad. Ten years ago I was faced with a situation where the Norwegian Embassy has started to get a lot of requests for granting asylum to Russians who argued that in Russia they have no opportunity to be treated. The flow of people, which could leave health, was decent enough until 2014 before we take off a dollar. Now will be the same situation: the people flee to America for asylum, because we still have nothing to be treated. The Americans will be in a position where to deny sick people is difficult, especially since the medicine is only at them.

At the end of 2015 has already taken a similar decision in respect of the drugs — called “third wheel” on the limitation of admission of foreign medicines in public procurement. That is, the clause about “not having analogues” of the drug already working in the country. And now we are talking about a complete ban. I hope this does not happen, but the initiative is advanced, and even it is not clear who raised a hand.

Vasily Stobnicki, expert of Fund of assistance to people with als and other neuromuscular diseases of the “Live now”, pulmonologist

in our country for several years there is a rule that when the tender for the purchase of medicines, the cheapest wins. That is actually the state no longer buys American and European original medication, and is using cheaper alternatives. Already at the time of the Magnitsky act, Russia has introduced a “anti-sanctions”, then wanted to ban foreign medical equipment, but the public defended this item. In any case, now, if the domestic manufacturer offers a cheaper but generally lower quality antibiotic, he wins in public procurement. So now in Russian hospitals, as a rule, no original, high-quality and therefore expensive antibiotics. There are antibiotics of the Russian, Chinese and Indian production. But people should have the right to purchase those drugs that they want to purchase. Totally unfair, unethical, and, in my opinion, it is illegal to deprive them of the right to buy more quality products. Each of the manufacturers who now may be subject to sanctions, there are a few antibiotics that cannot be replaced. The list also gets the drug number one in sales in Russia “Viagra”. The fact that it is a drug to treat not only erectile dysfunction but also pulmonary hypertension. Sildenafil is the original, so its prohibition is very detrimental to patients with pulmonary problems.

Anton Krasovsky, Director of the charitable Foundation “AIDS.CENTER”

(…) so, we take away the “Eviler” is the only combination drug 3-in-1 made to the list of essential tools. She was canadian or Irish, and the company, it has developed, the enemy — the us. Take “Truvada”, the world drug preexposure vaccination program prevention. Disappear “Adurant”, the major component of non-toxic schemes. Lost “Maraviroc”, a rare fusion inhibitor. To hell will fly “Raltegravir” is the main drug approved in children’s schemes. Ban “Cavaldi” is the main hit in the treatment of hepatitis C. Well, will not even register new American development, which shtatovskih and European HIV-positive people transferred before last year — “Genoil”, “Descale and Odesi”.

All of this will most likely replace the so-called analogues. By law, the analogue is not the same drug, and the drug have similar actions. Well, reduces viral load, and excellent. No one will care about the side effects, germinating in the kidney stones, breaking bones, rotting liver and a failing heart. Our answer to Chamberlain more important.

Chamberlain, meanwhile, to shit on us wanted, because the volume of the Russian market for these drugs is minimal — comparable, perhaps, to Polish. And certainly less than the Tanzanian. The company will look at all of this, will twist a finger to his temple and leaving Russia. And as a result, together with complex medicines will disappear and a simple, elementary antihistamines and antibiotics. And I very much hope that when one of the authors of the bill or his family will die, and on the West they are treated, of course, will not be allowed, someone in his nestorovski friends will be lucky enough to find a coveted ticket.

Ilya Fomintsev, Executive Director of the Foundation for cancer prevention “do not Live in vain”

the Ban not only American, but also European drugs is too much, it is “the bombardment of Voronezh”. In the treatment of cancer patients are mainly foreign-made drugs. There is a large American company, MSD, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer — which have very decent products. Some analogues are in various stages of testing in Russia, and there are even those that are already registered, but very often the counterparts greatly fall short, there is a serious question to the quality of the comparative studies of these analogues.

Many experts say that our preparations are good and work, but when it comes to their patient — relatives, they all want the original. It is because there is no confidence in quality: the equivalence of these drugs are poorly studied. Patients with any cancer, e.g., lung or melanoma are at stake.

for Example, we have no normal counterparts to checkpoint inhibitors the immune response. Well, there are counterparts, well, they are cheaper, but why deny the originals? The last time they normally competed, there was even growth of the Russian pharmaceutical industry on the background of the support of the manufacturers. But the ban of a competitor will lead to further growth of our pharmaceutical industry. People would be in a situation when the possibilities in cancer treatment is limited.

Now will sing songs about that our drugs are not worse. To believe in these songs, you must obtain very strong evidence. No one knows better than the Russian meds or worse — to find out, it is necessary to conduct the normal studies. Are angry that they spent healthcare. Personally, I have no confidence in the Healthcare. If there will be independent neither from us nor from Americans, a study made public, then I believe. But my memory never did no such thing.

as a pilot project, I would suggest to try non-us drugs on the deputies themselves, when they get sick, but most likely they’ll just go abroad for treatment.

Alexey Kashcheev, neurosurgeon, candidate of medical Sciences

(…) Among my patients, a variety of people — from the poor to the fantastically rich. Among the latter, too, all sorts, including those who “make decisions”: there are Federal judges, deputies of the State Duma of the top journalists of the Kremlin pool, one Ambassador (RET.) and several staff members Mead, many senior FSB and interior Ministry, serious officials of the the administration of the President, all sorts of ministries and agencies, top managers of state corporations, whose names weekly glimpses in the news, and even one very famous practically the head of one of the unrecognized Republic. (…)

They often are operated in Russia, especially as some of them travel abroad. I’m not talking about that when they were overtaken by an acute medical problem (myocardial infarction, Autorama, delirium tremens), they cause the same ambulance, the same 03 as other mortals. And similarly, their relatives are beginning a panic call “their channels” to find a “normal doctor”. And exactly the same this close, and in fact grandparents, uncles and aunties, girls and boys, shake for their health and life as everyone else. These senior people are wearing expensive suits, but these suits normal the human body is a miserable disease, of death. And they all deserve help and salvation, because they’re people.

And so I think about these people in nice suits who want now to prohibit the importation into the territory of Russia American drugs (and they understand the consequences and know what this means for the Russian patients, I have seen these men in good suits and did not notice among them the weak-minded, they very often smart, and sometimes extremely, extremely smart), so here, for the first time I think, am I obligated to continue to provide them with medical care only on the grounds that they were real people, and I work as a doctor or more correctly refuse them?

Nota Federmesser, the founder of the charity hospice charity Fund “Vera”

(…) We have already gone through a bunch of wars, terrorist attacks, retarded laws, their own mistakes, survived and moved on. We are tenacious, and we have a short memory. We paleobotany. So, again, when the Duma initiated the law banning the importation of drugs and medical equipment of American production (and, by the way, plenty of non-us companies have production in the USA), we look at it as if it were a zoo, not realizing the consequences. “And this idiocy we will survive,” you think. “Wow — you think, How many morons and assholes gathered in the center of Moscow”. We think about it calmly and look at it as if already “then”, when we and this hurricane has already experienced.

All right, this is the zoo. Only they are the keepers and animals. Sometimes it is very important to remember, incidentally, that the beasts stronger. And that animals more… Several hundred children, of which we have over the years moved from the intensive care units home, was gradually taught by their parents to work with mechanical ventilation devices, with otkashlyalsya and other challenging equipment that their children could have a childhood, go outside, to school, even in the pool so we could swim on the ventilator, so a few hundred of these children for several years lived on the American equipment with American reshetkoy.

But the Duma does not think about the hundreds of children who would have to pull from the house and transferred to the intensive care unit. Duma doesn’t think about the fact that these children again have to permanently close in intensive care units across the country, forever again to separate them from mom, in a concentration camp, because that unit is still not allowed because the Duma still has not amended the law about the use of emergency rooms.

for the Duma, a few hundred children? If every member of the Duma chose several million adults… important For the Duma geopolitics. The thought thinks strategically and in the years ahead, several hundred terminally ill children is here and now. (…)