To control the issuance of medicines in Russia will be through the blockchain

In the Novgorod region in April to begin implementation of the pilot project for recording and issuance of medicines with the use of blockchain technology. About it “news” the adviser to the Chairman of the Board Vnesheconombank Vladimir Demin.

the blockchain-Ethereum system all data is encrypted, it cannot be replaced or deleted. This will allow you to fight the counterfeiting and resale of expensive prescription drugs, bought with budget money, as well as unauthorized change in the treatment regimen. This will make the system of appointments and supply of medicines are transparent to patients and regulatory authorities.

the first stage in the program, which will cost in the region of five million rubles, will participate three departments of the Novgorod regional clinical hospital, and later will join the network of pharmacies Novgorodfarmatsiya. If by the end of 2018, the project is deemed successful, then it can spread to other regions, and then to the whole country.

the initiative was created a single electronic registry of prescriptions, which was attached to the information system of the hospital and the program “1C: Enterprise” for accounting of drugs. Offices will exchange information about patients, the availability of drugs in stock and their use. Their authenticity will be verified by the marking system.

In the hospital the patient will be given a tablet through which you can track the progress of their treatment and purpose of medicines. For outpatient treatment used recipes with a QR code, which contains information about the man, his doctor, the treatment regimen, dosage, expiry date and manufacturer of the drug stock.