Tsivilev promised to punish the perpetrators of the fire in the Kemerovo

acting Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev in an address to the inhabitants of the region pledged to seek the strictest punishment for the perpetrators of the fire in the shopping centre, “Winter cherry”, reports “Interfax”.

“I accept the area in a very difficult moment, when a terrible fire killed dozens of people and primarily our children. I want to say to you, the residents of the Kemerovo region that will do everything to ensure that the perpetrators of this terrible tragedy suffered strict punishment. Will find all the information to punish the perpetrators,” he said.

Tsivilev also emphasized that implements all initiatives and decisions for the development of the region. “I am convinced that only dialogue with people we can strengthen the well-being of area residents, to ensure their safety, lay the Foundation for the development of new generations of people”, he concluded.

Sergey Tsivilev was appointed the acting Governor of the Kemerovo region on April 1, after resignation Aman Tuleyev. He was also present at the meeting, which took place near the city of Kemerovo. Apologizing to the relatives of the victims, Tsivilev rose kneel.

Aman Tuleyev headed the region since 1997. Demands for his resignation intensified because of the state of health of the Governor, which is difficult to stand without assistance, and his remarks addressed to the participants of the rally after a fire in shopping centre “Winter cherry”. He said that it did not come the relatives of the deceased and strangers, and called them “the boor”.