USA suspected control over the website “the Voice”

the Website of the movement for the rights of voters “the Voice” works with the U.S. and, presumably, the “state controlled entities” in this country, said Deputy head of the working group of Public chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation on monitoring of implementation of electoral rights of citizens Maxim Grigoriev. His words leads Tuesday, March 13, the Russian news Agency legal and judicial information (RAPSI).

the Resource must make the official announcement, said Grigoriev. He also noted that “the Voice” refuses to remove the false material from their card violations.

in addition, Grigoriev said that “the Voice” sent their observers under the guise of journalists to polling stations during the municipal elections last year. The organization, he said, promised the men a reward. “”The voice” could not and did not plan to pay the promised money. From the beginning, this was the deception of their own observers”, — said Grigoriev.