Victims of the Kirov the pedophile became mentally retarded orphans

Pupils of the boarding school in the Kirov region, which became victim to a local pedophile was mentally retarded and often do not understand what to do with them. This was announced RIA Novosti the regional Commissioner for the rights of the child Vladimir Shabardin.

the Ombudsman is confident that the suspect in the rape of children by a local resident used the fact that u guys were the features of the development. “It’s not the officer, it all happened outside the school when children were outside its territory. The attacker soldered children or just bought their attention for the money,” he said.

According to Shabardina, after talking with the man students started to behave strangely, and the teachers noticed it. The investigators found seven episodes of violence in the period from 2008 to 2017. Some of the victims have grown up and left the orphanage.