Zhirinovsky suggested that after a year of work to pay a thousand rubles pension

the Leader liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested significantly affect the government’s pension reform. According to the politician, “it is not necessary to impose on the citizens raising the retirement age, causing an increase in social tension in society.”

Zhirinovsky reminds us that in 2002 he proposed to use as the basis for the French system of industrial banks: “throughout his career, the man himself makes deductions from their wages in cash in his company. Since forming his retirement account. If the person is lonely and realizes that in old age he’ll need a big pension, he lays more. Due to these production offices occurs and service retirees: medicine, travel and things like that.”

However, the government chose a different path, said the leader of the LDPR. “First introduced the points system, now it was canceled. Introduced a funded part of the pension, but that year the Fund was frozen. A simple man and understand, it can not, what his pension in old age and how to calculate this” — outraged politician.