Audi will celebrate the anniversary

this year, the German company Audi celebrates the anniversary since the beginning of its activities in Russia. About it “the” said the representative of the company.

In 1998 he opened a small office in the centre of the German economy. From that moment began the official sales of the brand in the Russian market. Before that in the country individuals were imported only used cars Audi, but the brand was already well known in Russia and in the first year of brand representation, several major dealers wanted to represent Audi in several cities of Russia. The main event for the brand in the first year was the debut of the sporty TT coupe.

In 2003 opened a training center Audi, in which trained experts for sales and service. The same year the Russian dealers of the brand taking part in the annual competition of the Audi Twin Cup, in which competing the best specialists to service from all over the world. Teams from dealers from different cities of Russia repeatedly going to the finals and was in the top three, and in 2016, won first place.

In 2013, Russia passed a stage of the international racing series DTM. Race on Moscow Raceway ended in a double victory, Audi Sport Team Phoenix — the first two steps of the podium was taken by Mike Rockenfeller and Mattias ekström. A year later, Audi Russia was the official automotive partner of the winter Olympic games in Sochi and 2016 is the organizer of the Audi Quattro Winter Cup — Amateur tournament in Alpine skiing and snowboarding, which takes place in several stages in different cities of Russia with the final in Sochi.

Today the brand is represented in 40 cities of Russia, which has 54 dealerships and service center Audi, including a flagship boutique in the heart of Moscow City Moscow Audi.