Chinese veil saved the poor Afghan women

an Employee of the Afghan brand Zarif spoke about the struggle for market Muslim clothing and accessories with cheap Chinese counterparts. It is reported by the Fashion Network.

According to tradition, the Muslim veil should be made of silk or cotton with handmade embroideries. These products cost about $ 36, and they can only be afforded by wealthy women. Now the Afghan market is flooded with imported from China veil, made of nylon and decorated with national ornaments. The cost of these hats is 11 — $ 18, so most Afghans prefer them.

“In Afghanistan, there is only one master who knows his business. You need to teach others. But for what? People have no money. Need to find silk new application”, — said the founder of the brand Zarif’s Solici Sherzad.

According to her, the firm fell on hard times, and the only thing that helps her survive is cooperation with the French company Agnes b. and established client base in new York.