Connoisseurs will offer Galapagos coffee

Nespresso presented in the collection of the collection of the Explorations of a new limited edition blend coffee Galapagos Santa Cruz. About it “” has informed the representative a press-services of the brand.

the Raw material for a new hood comes with a small coffee plantations of the exotic Galapagos Islands, part of Ecuador. Of the 19 Islands of the archipelago, only two are suitable for the cultivation of coffee berries, which grow there in a unique environment (climate, ocean winds, volcanic soil). Nespresso chose six farms on one of them is Santa Cruz. Coffee Galapagos Santa Cruz — hundred percent Arabica beans from hand-picked and carefully selected beans processed by the wet method.

the New blend has a balanced and crisp taste with a slight bitterness reminiscent of cocoa. It can be prepared not only as espresso or lungo, but also with milk: cappuccino brighter evident notes of roasted coffee, delicate aroma of biscuit and praline. The capsule is decorated with a pattern reminiscent of the ornamentation on traditional clothing of Ecuadorians.