Outdoor sports car — a real dream and a symbol of success. If you live anywhere in Beverly hills. In Moscow things are not so simple. So all the same car without a roof in the Metropolitan realities: a perversion or fun? “the Tape.ru” first tested the Porsche Boxster GTS 718 and answered the question.

You know which side of the KAMAZ trucks located exhaust pipe? And foreign trucks? I never thought? After a day behind the wheel of a Porsche 718 Roadster Boxster GTS, I knew the design of the exhaust, think of all the trucks in the city. Once is enough to stop at the traffic lights with the roof down the side-by-side with a smoky monster from the exhaust pipe firmly how the brain records information about its location.

While landing Russian journalists enjoyed the presentation of the new Porsche Roadster mountain serpentines, the sea air and the joys of rural life, like cheese and sanctions do not yet fall under the sanctions of wine, we decided to try a new German sports car in conditions as close to the fighting.

Here, we are not there, and cheese is made traditionally from mostly palm oil, and instead of the salty smell of the sea, spiced with notes of pine needles, crunchy on the teeth the sand for the next replacement of curbs and black smoke from the pipes of the trucks that formally comply with strict environmental standards. In late may — early June, another reason to leave the roof raised becomes poplar fluff. He is literally everywhere! Damn white parachutes because of the peculiarities of aerodynamics come into the cabin, and when the car is, and when traveling. So why all this?

version of the GTS exists in the model line 718 Boxster to the honourable gentleman could throw to a friend: “Took the new “Poraka” sports. The most powerful version”. And here it is necessary to delicately keep silent, that we are talking about the youngest model 718, and not about the iconic 911. After all, even the most powerful version of the GTS with its price at least 5 million 380 thousand rubles to one million rubles cheaper than the older model. However, the German marketers have taught us that the basic price it is necessary to add a million or two — the list of options is endless.

For those who do not want to spend long hours choosing the package of your Porsche and designed version of the GTS. It’s not something to eat all, but at least a generous leather and suede, multimedia system with touch screen, electric seats and a beautiful 20-inch wheels do not have to pay. However, the options list is still long, so the price of the car can be a good to increase.

Version of the GTS — not for introverts, even when it comes to the Cayman coupe. Designers have tried a few strokes to emphasize the coolness of the owner. As if anyone doubted that the man who can afford a toy at the price kopeck piece in Moscow, quite cool. Darkened headlights, taillights, exhaust pipes and black body decor. A kind of Black cloak — the horror flying on wings of night. And the night is exactly the time when 718 Boxster GTS want to fly.

fluorescent tubes German sports car closely. He grumbles a gear box in the tube, nervously pressed the pedals and his whole appearance shows that Talon would know, would live in Sochi. The boosted four-cylinder engine capacity of 2.5 liter produces 365 horsepower — never more Junior sports car the Porsche was not so powerful. To 100 kilometers per hour, our “yolk” with a robotized transmission and optional Sport Chrono package accelerates in 4.1 seconds. Breath and you are breaking out — rush under divestment. Why all this in Moscow?

In 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60 has achieved fantastic success on twisted mountain roads of Sicily. To be held at the road race the Targa Florio, the German spiders left behind much more powerful Ferrari 250 TR. On the usual racing tracks, low-power Porsche it was difficult to struggle with red cars equipped with powerful V12 engines, but on a narrow and dusty mountain roads of the Targa Florio where it was handling. And then the Porsche was all right. Light, nimble, located within the wheelbase engine German sports cars went from the Italian to the point, once on the road there were the first turns.

Mom, look, a Ferrari! yells passing by our parked on Malaya Dmitrovka near the Stoleshnikov pereulok GTS Porsche 718 baby.– No, son, what! What Ferrari? Ferrari red and Lamborghini’s, — expresses his opinion of his mother. Well, even so. In 1960 Ferruccio Lamborghini manufactured tractors and didn’t think about a sports car. And the Porsche was no stranger to the agricultural machinery. One of the novelties of the year was the Porsche Diesel tractor Juinior-oriented farmers-individuals.

But the girls still that kind of car. She is bright, athletic, and devoid of a roof, obviously, is expensive. Released on the evening promenade of beauty, embarrassed, photographed against the backdrop of the machine. Many would not mind to get acquainted with the owner of good taste and a tight purse, but don’t seem to believe in themselves. A very different mood from the guests, arriving from the mountainous Kyrgyzstan and Sunny Uzbekistan. They without false modesty fit with the questions and raise the thumb, passing by driving a taxi.

Thousands of lights, garlands, stretched on Dmitrovka, reflected on the hood that only enhances the sense of reality show, whose main character is the driver of the Porsche. Soon near 718 Boxster GTS parked bus from which fall out a crowd of Chinese tourists. After a couple of minutes on the Porsche and its driver sent dozens of lenses. The Chinese racket, pointing fingers and constantly photographed. Most Chinese tourists arriving in Russia from the wealthiest provinces, and the German sports car for them is something unprecedented.

They again and again releases the shutter of the camera and do not know that any Porsche dealer in the suburbs of Shanghai sells more sports cars of the brand, it consumes the entire Russian market. Cars without a roof is still unusual for people in China, because the Chinese idea of beauty require that the skin is provided of the man was pale. Tan — the lot of the peasants, crawling in knee deep water in a rice field.

Frankly, for most Russians, the convertible — the same game as the Chinese. In a country where hiding the face behind the blank tinted and build a six-meter fences, riding in an open car is considered an eccentricity. To drive in Moscow on the convertible, you need to be a bit of an exhibitionist and definitely be ready to make sacrifices. Fortunately, in the case of 718 Boxster GTS victim of these are not too significant.

Surprisingly, even with not yet shifted to the next summer season asphalt Porsche copes easily and not have to squint before the next bump. With a raised roof in the cabin quietly, and the level of equipment envy other sedan of a business class. Finally, despite the presence of folding roof and a mid-engine layout, the Boxster is great for trips to the shops. Then just two Luggage compartment of 150 liters in the rear and 275 front liters — more than many small cars.

the New turbo is quite economical, the system start/stop kills the engine at traffic lights and when driving at a constant speed can break the clutch of automatic gearbox and to simulate idle. As a result, even in the Moscow traffic it is easy to show consumption at 10-12 liters per 100 kilometers.

but why? 718 Boxster GTS is actually not designed to take a leisurely saunter on the boulevards, to remove the chick in the clubs (Soho Rooms reopens after a year of reconstruction) or becomes a tool of attracting attention to its owner. The whole point of this car is to bring the pleasure of a quick drive through interesting countryside, and even better mountain roads and race tracks.

need only press harder on the gas, they’ll slow down and hurry through the turn, as I understand, that asking for five million rubles. Surprisingly lively and assembled car, which is nearly telepathic communication. You just thought, and he’s already made. Not surprisingly, the North loop of the nürburgring — the same one where the fire was Niki Lauda from the movie “Race” — the new 718 Boxster GTS brings fifteen to twenty seconds with a circle all direct competitors.

the city is the Porsche lacks emotion and drama. He’s too quiet and the sound of its engine is too simple. There’s no feeling of exclusivity. Just expensive and comfortable car with no roof. If you just want to ride, it is enough for the base Boxster 718 no extra letters, and if you want more attention to his person, it is better to look at sports cars Mercedes-AMG or Jaguar. They are more loud and wild and drive their driving is reminiscent of the battle with the wild beast.

fortunately, in Russia, more and more people who buy outdoor sports car not only for show-off (although so far without them), and for track days. If you arrive at the race track Moscow Raceway in the days of Amateur races, most powerful sports cars will be Porsche. The company in Russia has its own racing school, and among the owners of cars of mark Porsche played the championship Cup — a race with a common start. Here 718 Boxster GTS at ease.