Daughter of Queen Elizabeth II noticed the jacket of forty years ago

the Daughter of Queen Elizabeth II appeared at the annual event in Westminster Abbey in the jacket of forty years ago, reports the Mirror.

for the First time, in cream jacket with blue elements 67-year-old Princess Anne was seen at the Royal race in Ascot in 1980. After that she wore it five more times: at The Derby in 1985, Henleykaai Royal regatta in 1988, at the races in Ascot in 1990, on the birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh in 2011 and the garden party at Buckingham Palace three years ago.

Princess regularly pays for recycling their old clothes, some of them older than her children — 40-year-old Peter and 36-year-old Zara.

In March, the journalists took a picture of Kate Middleton during a visit to an elementary school of Oxford, where she met with children who have overcome the difficulties of mental disorders, and their parents. In the photographs, where the Duchess is holding a small black clutch, seen that the middle, ring and index fingers on her right hand look identical.