Found a way to go to the toilet in a wedding dress

the Woman found a convenient way to go to the bathroom in a magnificent wedding gown, reports the Mirror.

life Hack shared a Facebookaccount Djsweeby. One of the brides told how to use the blue bag for shopping IKEA the toilet instead of helping a few friends.

the Woman made a hole in the bag and wore it as a skirt, placing inside the long hem of her dress. “My wedding assistant is a cost of 0.8 euros, and I did it right the day before the ceremony. It only took three minutes. Bag significantly eased my life on the wedding day, but it’s worth a penny” — she wrote in a post that gathered 20 thousand likes and over 8 thousand posts.

In June inside the shoes Kate Middleton noticed transparent pads-stickers pasted on the soles of her feet. According to Royal insider Victoria Arbiter, glued to the tights shoes is a part of Royal etiquette. To walk shoes with high heels are not slipping with the feet, women have to attach it to the legs in this way.