Found the trail of a kidnapped 20 years ago spy car

a Private company in search of stolen works of art Recovery International (ARI) announced a reward for information that will help to find and return to its owner one of two cars Aston Martin DB5 used in the filming of “Goldfinger” James bond. About it reports The Sunday Telegraph.

According to the head of the company Christopher Marinello, he was informed that the car was stolen in 1997 from a hangar at the airport in the U.S. state of Florida, is now in the middle East. For information that will help to safely return the car, offered a six-figure sum (in which currency is not specified).

At the same time, ARI in fear that it may not be the DB5, which is looking for company and very similar to his car. In this regard, Marinello said that the company is waiting for providing photos of the chassis number DP/216/1. “This is a very specific detail of a vehicle”, he explained.

According to some auction houses, the value of the stolen car, given its cult status in Russia can reach 10 million pounds (more than 835 million).