Full women are not allowed to lose weight by the summer

Brand clothing plus size navabi has released a promotional campaign called Beach body ready, encouraging larger women to stop being ashamed of your body on the beach. About it reports The Independent.

the Yellow poster with a picture of three laughing plus size models in bikinis and the words We’re beach body ready. Three years on: a little reminder (Our body ready for beach season. A little reminder: it’s been three years) appeared in the Western part of Central London.

“We want to say with confidence that you don’t have to worry about the approaching summer due to the fact that you are not this body. We want to show people the body that they can’t just see every day,” — said one of the models starring for the poster, and the editor navabi Bethany Rutter.

Share Beach body ready decided to conduct in response to the campaign of a manufacturer of food for athletes Protein world, on whose posters were depicted slender girl with words Are you beach body ready? (Your body ready for beach season?) in 2015. Then critics called it “sexist” and “offensive”.