In the UK ganged up on anti-aging cosmetics

the Royal society for public health UK (The Royal Society for Public Health RSPH) urged not to use the word “anti-aging” cosmetic industry. Research published on the organization’s website.

the report stresses that the frequent use of the word “anti-aging” exhibits aging as a negative process and makes people ashamed of their age. The responsibility for this, the researchers laid on the beauty industry.

“We found out how beneficial to health and well-being may be the positive attitude to aging. However, the discussion of aging that are conducted in the media, can you imagine old age as a catastrophe”, — stated in the report of the Royal society.

According to the study, 49 percent of women and 23 percent men feel the pressure of society that forces them to resort to various services to preserve youth and beauty. The report calls for stop to fight the signs of aging, because it is pointless and dangerous, as well as get rid of ageism. The researchers said that aging is a natural process.