Indian of the Royal guard wearing a turban on parade

the Guardsman Indian origin Charanpreet Singh Lall (Lall Charanpreet Singh) became the first man who puts on the parade dastar is a mandatory the traditional headgear of Sikhs in the shape of a turban. It is reported by The Sun.

the 22-year-old British guardsman appeared at the parade in honor of the birthday Elizabeth II on Saturday, June 9, in a black turban, corresponding in color to the traditional hats made of bear fur. He took part in the ceremony, which was watched by his parents and sister, along with a thousand other soldiers of the Royal guard.

a Young man came from the city of Punjab (India) in childhood and currently lives in Leicester (UK). He began to serve in the British army in January 2016.

bearskin hats have become part of British Royal guards in 1815. Thus was marked the achievements of the guards, who inflicted the defeat of Napoleon’s army in the battle of Waterloo.