Kendall Jenner made fun of for otfotoshoplenny stomach

the Fans made fun of the American top model Kendall Jenner for significantly edited belly in the photo published in her Instagramaccount on Wednesday, may 23.

In the photo c signed by “completely dry” (bone-dry) 22-year-old Jenner sits Topless with a glass of red wine. Members noted that the wall at the level of the girl’s belly, bent, and began to be sarcastic about it in the comments.

“you Have the curves or the wall, or very weak photoshop skills,” the wrote alone.

“I like the photo, but I think there is a little hiccup in the process”, — added other.

Some people have decided that Jenner ottamasara also the hand. “Photoshop! People, seriously, look at her elbow,” — called they.

Despite all the discontent, the picture has collected about four million likes.