Lexus was awarded top designers

this past weekend in Milan took place the ceremony of awarding the winners of the prestigious international competition of Lexus Design Award the 2018, which was attended by a record number of participants. As part of the ceremony was announced the winner of the Grand Prix. The correspondent of “the”.

the Theme of the competition was the Latin prefix “CO-“, denoting the idea of interaction and Union in harmony. The main prize went to the project “Testing Hypotheticals” group Extrapolation Factory designers Christopher Webkey and Elliott P. Montgomery. It is a test ground for the practical testing of theories on the relationships between society, technology and the environment.

this year the Lexus Design Award competition was attended by designers from 68 countries, submitted 1319 works. Russia on number of the submitted applications for the 4th spot in the world and 1st in Europe by number of the submitted applications, although in Russia the competition is held for the second time. And both times in the number of finalists included projects of Russian designers. This year is a project Grabby, presented by two young designers from St. Petersburg Hope Abdullina and Marina Egorova and became the winner of the Lexus Design Award 2018 Russia tor Choice.

in Addition to the awards jury, this year the Japanese brand has created has established a special nomination “the Lexus Design Award, the Audience picker”. The winner will be determined by voting on the web site from 16 to 21 April, his name will be announced on April 23. 12 finalists — four prototypes and eight exhibits — presented at the exhibition Limitless Co-Existence within the framework of the design Week in Milan.