Nike invited the Chinese to cover their mouths

Brand sportswear manufacturer Nike in cooperation with Chinese designer Wang Zhijun (Zhijun Wang) has developed a mask Undefeated x Nike masks to protect against contaminated air. It is reported by Hypebeast.

the basis for the mask design took sneakers Clot x Nike Air Force 1. Silk surface of the upper part of the Shoe shaped protective mask with a filter which is located inside the structure, closing the mouth and nose. Also on the outside of the left heel with the Nike logo. The sides of the masks sewn trademarks — “swooshy”. Shoelace used to secure the mask a snicker on his head.

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Publication of Edison Chen (@edcee3000) Mar 13, 2018 12:35 PDT

the Finished mask showed the founder of the brand Clot Edison Chen, and he called it a masterpiece.

air Pollution in China is a big problem. For example, in 2017 in Beijing was announced “orange” level of environmental hazard, and two weeks before that, the highest “red”.

Local businessman, decided to earn some money, began selling cans containing smog in the Chinese capital. The product is called Air Beijing (“Beijing Air”) and were sold at four dollars for a jar.