People began to implant pieces of metal in the eye for beauty

new York surgeon Emile Chinn spoke about the new eye surgery that has become popular among young people. About it reports the Mirror.

the Patients began to go to the clinic, Park Avenue Lasek Surgery asking them to implant in the eyeball pieces of metal of different shapes. According to undergoing the procedure, the process is painless and takes five minutes, and the rehabilitation period lasts for three days.

“This is a purely cosmetic surgery. All jewelry was developed in Holland about ten years ago. Hundreds of Europeans have moved the implants without any problems,” said the surgeon.

the area of the platinum stars, hearts and other decorations is three to four millimeters, a thickness of less than one millimeter. Dr. Chinn States that the metal will almost never cause allergic reactions and can be removed from the eye at any time.

In April, model from Argentina made surgical procedure to change eye color and almost lost his sight. 32-year-old Nadine Bruna changed the brown eye color into blue, by inserting silicone implants.