Revealed the secrets of the perfect appearance of Rihanna

Personal Rihanna make-up artist Priscilla Ono revealed some of the main make-up-secrets of the singer, says Harper’s Bazaar.

first, Rihanna picks up concealer in the colour of the shoulders and not the person. “If the skin tone of your face lighter body tone, choose the tool under the shoulder. Lift the shoulder to face and the same edge,” It advised. In addition, she added that to apply a layer of cream with a brush and then smooth it with a sponge, avoiding not needing makeup.

second, the stylist recommended to use a refreshing spray or mist for the face to protect the skin from drying out under a layer of makeup.

Finally, according to It, Rihanna puts the eyebrows with a clean mascara brushes, soaped ordinary piece of dry soap. “It’s an old trick makeup artists. Everyone wants perfect eyebrows, and the soap really captures hairs”, she said.