The dark skinned child held therapy hair Meghan Markle

a Black British singer Rochelle Hume used photographs of the bride Prince Harry to teach a four year old daughter love their appearance. It is reported by The Sun.

Alaya-Mai told his mother that he hates his curly hair, because “princesses are only straight hair”. Then Humes showed her baby pictures Meghan Markle with the same dark, curly hair. “Look, she is a real Princess, and her hair the same as yours,” said the singer.

in addition, Rochelle Humes admitted that it no longer straightens her hair for her, as she did before before performances.

According to Humes, it all made an impression on the Alaya. “I don’t know, I influenced her or not, but when she saw in the street a girl with long curly hair, and she admired her beauty,” shared the actress.