The girl made fun of too little engagement ring

Fans have fun going to get married food bloggers too small for an engagement ring, reports the Daily Mail.

Jen Fanart (Jen Phanomrat) from new York has shared a photo with her fiance Leo Samanamud (Leo Samanamud) Instagram with the caption: “Nine years later, I said “Yes” to my best friend!”

Many members congratulated the couple, leaving best wishes in the comments. However, there were also those who expressed their dissatisfaction with the size given by Samanamud ring, calling it the most tiny of the world.

“I support minimalism, but the fact that someone buys the ring is beyond my comprehension,” — wrote alone.

“it seems that he came into the store and asked for the smallest ring that only they have that,” support other.

“And where’s the ring?” — outraged others.

Jen Fanart answered that were happy to receive this ring. According to the girl, neat gold jewelry from tiny jewel is what she would have chosen herself.

Jen Fanart and Leo Samanamud — food bloggers and co-founders of the popular channel Just Eat Life on YouTube.