The most symmetric member of the Royal family

Prince Harry was called the most beautiful young man in the Royal family due to the symmetry of his face. Reported by the Daily Mail.

head of the center for cosmetic and plastic surgery in London Dr. Julian De Silva correlated for all young people from families with rule of the Golden section.

facial Features Prince Harry scored 81.4 per cent. The Duke of Cambridge William behind the brother of 0.5 percent. Failed him too long face.

the Son of Princess Anne 40-year-old Peter Phillips has received 80.4 per cent, and the husband Zara Phillips and Rugby star mark Tindall — 76.7 per cent.

In March, the surgeon De Silva spent a similar study among the female half of the family. The proportions of the bride of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle received 87.4 percent, Kate Middleton — 86.8%, Zara Phillips — 81.6%.