The Swiss provided watches with pulse wheels

the Swiss watch manufactory Ulysse Nardin has shown in Moscow the creative space Troyka Multispace collection Freak. This was reported by the correspondent of”.ru”.

Moscow connoisseurs proposed a model Freak Vision, successfully debuted at the International salon of Haute Horlogerie in Geneva in January 2018, and Freak Out, which included three new products — Black Gold, Blue Gold and Freak Out of the Blue.

the Innovative design of the bridges model Freak with two silicon impulse wheels, fixed in the centre, replaces the traditional escapement. 18 teeth on each wheel transmit power to the balance in the opposite direction. Mechanism is not specified grease: it is designed so that all the momentum was headed for the rotation of the balance wheel, reducing friction compared to a traditional escapement. Because of the weak angle, frictional force is minimized.

model of Freak Out features an innovative design. Freak Out Black Gold is designed in black color with gear from gold, Freak Out Blue Gold — blue colour with gear from silver, Freak Out of the Blue — blue dial with gold coating.