The teacher scolded the redhead by nature, the girl was forced to change color

Teacher at the school in Kearsley, United Kingdom, sent red from nature girl dyeing my hair, stating the fact that “the red color is unnatural”. Reported by the Daily Mail.

other Parents felt that the color of the hair of 12-year-old Paris lane violates the rules of the school, and demanded that the teacher took action.

“He called out to me in the hallway, and then came to me and said that I should repaint the hair, as red is not my natural color,” — said lane.

Classmates began to mock the girl, her mother, Nick had to buy her a chestnut paint. After that perturbed Nick wrote a complaint to the Office for standards in education (OFSTED).

the USO has promised to deal with the situation.

In March, teenage girls removed the video, which tells how classmates call them in school. At the same time on their faces they put all the offensive words that he heard in his address. Among other things, on the faces of 13-year-old Halley-Marie and her cousin Charley-Jai says: “fat”, “bitch”, “scum” and “anorexic”.