Women’s swimwear was replaced with tape

American artist Joel Alvarez invited the girls to glue the body with duct tape instead of clothes. It is reported by The Sun.

the man opened the Black Tape Project, specializing in alternative fashion. The official Instagram account of the company, of which 261 thousand subscribers, Alvarez has published photos from the shoot, where colored tape on the models simulates underwear.

In 2018 Black Tape Project decided to show the girls how to use duct tape instead of swimsuits. In pictures of pieces of tape of different colors pasted on the body of the models, outlines reminding the sparkling one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

Gold and platinum tape now available. Link on bio Tape @thekingoftape Model @ellie_majesty M&A @yudisminier For @blacktapeproject #blacktapeproject #bodytape #golden #bikini

Publication of Tape art & alternative fashion (@blacktapeproject) 28 APR 2018 8:13 PDT

Some page subscribers @blacktapeproject were delighted with the idea. “Stunning and luxurious. Work of art on a work of art”, — they wrote in the comments. Others reacted to the “swimsuit” with a grain of salt. “Very sexy, but… Must be very comfortable to walk with tape on some places,” said they.

In may, in anticipation of beach season, the girls invented new way of sunbathing Topless: they will use body art instead of the top of the swimsuit. The idea became a trend in Instagram after the popular account @gogetglitter has published photos of models whose bodies are covered with a layer of paint and sparkles in the form of continuous bathing suits and bikinis.