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The man who sold the moon

the Annual South by Southwest festival (SXSW), devoted to music, film and technology and this year was traditionally visited by many famous personalities. Elon Musk and CTO of Google ray Kurzweil argued, threatens humanity if artificial intelligence, and guests of the event were able to discuss the rewrite of the human body, augmented reality, the fight against Internet terrorism and Russian trolls, blockchain, robots and strengthening the position of women. The Correspondent Of”.ru” visited the festival and shared their impressions.

a vague Discussion of the future of humanity began with the unexpected appearance of Elon musk in a meeting with the Director and actors of the futuristic television series “the Wild West”, the second season of which aired in April of this year. In the “World Wild West” the plot develops in an amusement Park where the members perform intelligent robots. “It’s not a very optimistic series,” admitted his Director Jonathan Nolan.

When the actors told us that do not have the slightest idea about the content of future episodes and plot twists filming them annoying, appeared on stage Masks. “The earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot eternally live in a cradle” — he quoted Tsiolkovsky and admitted that these words really inspire him, because “life can’t be just a series of solutions to small problems.”

the Audience showed that Nolan created a movie about the launch into space of the red sports car Tesla. It turned out that the Director of “World Wild West” and the Masks childhood friends, and the next day of the festival for Nolan played the role of interviewer during the hour-long panel with a billionaire.

In line “on the Mask” was standing behind me an elderly mathematician working in Palo Alto, California. “I want to understand whether Musk is the hero of Heinlein, which I read in childhood. If he really is “the Man who sold the moon””, — he explained his presence.

“I don’t have a business plan. I tried to follow it before, but always everything was different, so I gave up” — once again answered the curious Musk on the question of how exactly it works and why it all turns out. Then he uttered a memorable sentence: “Artificial intelligence is far — and, I repeat, is much more dangerous than nuclear weapons”.

it Turned out that in the first half of 2019, the businessman intends to test the interplanetary spacecraft to fly to Mars. “I think Mars will be direct democracy, and all the issues will be resolved by vote of the colonists,” he said.

On the Westworld set with my bro @kimbalmusk

a Photo posted by @elonmusk

In the final meeting came on the scene the brother entrepreneur Kimball Musk. All the participants were wearing cowboy hats — the ones that before for promotional purposes, distributed, HBO on the site of the “World Wild West”. The whole company, not too hitting the right notes, but with feeling sang to the guitar the song My Little Buttercup.

an hour later, the speech Mask has been discussed in all the corridors and the margins of the festival.

“He answered the questions as easy as could be answered by a nine year old boy! It’s refreshing,” said one of the contestants of IT.

William Harle, known online as whurley, founder of several startups, including Chaotic Moon Studios, my statement about quantum computers began with correspondence dispute with Musk.

“Musk is afraid of artificial intelligence, but I don’t think there is reason for it. Let’s start with the fact that the human brain is also a quantum. In addition, artificial intelligence — this is the car. If she will rebel, just wait until she runs out of food,” concluded Harli.

opinion on the safety of artificial intelligence for humanity was supported by the technical Director of Google in the field of machine learning, ray Kurzweil is one of the most famous futurists in the world, predictions which are correct 86 percent. On its current assumptions, by 2029 a computer will pass the Turing test — that is, becomes fully “thinking machine”, by 2045 humanity will reach the singularity, when human intelligence will merge with artificial intelligence. The danger of such a merger to humans, according to Kurzweil, exaggerated.

a Photo posted by @sxsw

“Artificial intelligence is a tool to improve our brain. When we were monkeys, we had a short hand, we used the tools to increase the distance at which we had something to grab. We have the tools, replacing us the physical strength we used them to build this building. When I was a student, we biked to the library of the University, which was the only computer. Now they lie in our pockets. It’s not the invasion of alien computers are from Mars, these are the tools that we create ourselves” — he explained.

Kurzweil has promised that in the next decade humanity will see a breakthrough in biotechnology, in comparison with which the present achievements will seem a drop in the bucket.

“We are moving towards a more sustainable, more democratic world. People believe that the current times are worse than they were before, but statistics show that they are wrong: actually the world has never lived so well,” he concluded.

a much-discussed topic of women’s equality were relevant at the festival. For example, the model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss told it has established free summer camps for teenage girls, where they teach programming.

during the music part of the festival was held dedicated to the fight against sexual violence in the music industry. Network Hulu in honor of the second season of “the handmaid’s Tale,” in which the action takes place in a future where men under the pretext of a return to “traditional values” has turned women into slaves and set up around the Austin glass boxes with red cloaks inside and the inscription “Fight, sister.”

A young maiden start of California are here mobile bus store vibrators and offered to collect sex toy, also telling about the peculiarities of female sexuality. A few round tables with details of vibrators gathered those who had time to take a turn. About half of them were men. “And what you plan to do with your vibrator?” I asked a neighbor. “Keep it for your wife,” replied he, a little porozove.

within the powerful trend under the common tag “robotics”, Sony brought the adorable robot puppy, which allowed visitors to play. On the streets of Austin were also seen prototype robot bus Mercedes and Tesla, slamming the door to the beat of the music.

Several startups presented smart materials — such as fabric that is sweat of an athlete to determine his state of health. And the number brought to the festival by young clever mobile applications it is impossible to enumerate.

From the celebrities attending SXSW was particularly pleased to see the Terminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his hostility to Donald Trump, did not miss the opportunity to joke about the next President’s tweet: “I don’t know why the Russians forced him to say all these things.” And to the question whether he had voted for a Republican, replied evasively that were “for another candidate”.

Don’t miss my podcast with Isaac Dovere from @politico – link in my bio. We had a great time talking about my governing principles (and kaiserschmarrn!) with a thousand wonderful people at @sxsw.

a Photo posted by @schwarzenegger

Russia and its technological capacity is recalled, it seems that only Elon Musk. More often heard discussions about the Russian trolls and the problem of false news. Judging by the General mood at the festival, these problems are taken seriously and put on the same level with Internet terrorism.

Unexpectedly strong was the impression the poor part of the festival devoted to secondary education. Teachers who came from Asian, Scandinavian and South American countries, exchanged with teachers from USA experience in the use of new learning tools. It was found that some encourage students to write mobile applications for special projects and others organize the whole school.

“And we have introduced the lessons of Orthodoxy and tell the children about telegony”, — could say the representative of the Russian education system, but that the festival was not.


climate Scientists are making depressing predictions for all coffee lovers — through a quarter-century plantation of this plant significantly reduced, and by 2080 because of global warming, he might disappear altogether. The inhabitants of the planet either need to dramatically step up the fight against global warming, or focus on finding alternatives. “Ribbon.ru” understood, what to expect the fans of an invigorating drink.

Russia has traditionally drinking tea. And, contrary to popular belief, doing it long until the reign of Peter I. And for the last two hundred years, the habit of leisurely tea parties finally and firmly rooted in Russian culture. But in the new Millennium, the tea has a serious competitor, actively displacing herbal drink from the kitchens and from food service establishments.

of Course, Russia in this respect lags far behind countries such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland or Germany. They occupied the first line in coffee consumption per capita. For comparison: for every Finn has 12.5 kilograms of coffee a year, the Russian — less than two. But the demand for a refreshing drink in our country is growing rapidly. According to customs statistics, during the first seven months of last year the import to Russia of green coffee beans of the Robusta variety grown by a third, more popular Arabica — 66 percent, more also began to import roasted coffee of both types.

According to the head of the Association “rusteacoffee” Ramaz Chanturia, over the last 13 years the consumption of coffee (including organic, soluble or freeze-dried) in Russia soared by 85 percent, reaching 153 thousand tons of finished products per year. The market growth in money terms with 2000 was 480 percent, to $ 3.6 billion. The Russians, according to him, not only began to drink more coffee and move on to the more expensive varieties — this explains the significant increase in dollar terms.

“once the most popular type of coffee in Russia — instant — gradually gives way to roasted and myotomy, although retains a significant piece of the market,” he said. In recent years the growth of coffee consumption in our country is that the popularity is going to just ground coffee and beans. According to forecasts of “rusteacoffee” in the coming years, instant coffee will continue to take the position. However, Nielsen data suggests that its share is still large — about 72 percent of the grain and ground is just under 28. The so-called coffee drinks (with low content of coffee and the increased barley, chicory or other substitutes) accounted for only 0.1 percent.

the Growing popularity of this drink is due to the spread of coffee houses in Russia and the rapid development of coffee culture as a result it becomes more roasting companies. Increasingly, friends and business partners name is not on tea and coffee.

the Popular drink is growing not only in Russia but throughout the world, especially in Asian countries. Every year the world consumed more than two billion cups of coffee, and their number increases annually by around five percent. Refreshing berries conquered all continents and gained an army of fans even in the twentieth century. That was when he noticed the large industrial conglomerates, and the processing, packing and distribution of coffee have gained unprecedented before scale. As a result, he has taken a worthy place among the world’s most popular beverages — tea, wine and milk.

the role of the modern coffee shops has changed considerably. People come here not only to get a dose of caffeine, a key ingredient in the drink, but for aesthetic pleasure. Today buyers are offered different products using coffee beans, including the popular Americano, espresso, cappuccino and latte. Consumers in the new century require special refinements, new approaches to marketing. And manufacturers are going to meet them. So was born the new philosophy of coffee consumption and special profession — Barista (expert in coffee preparation), once just a bartender and operator of a coffee machine.

However, scientists predict the long decline of the coffee era associated with climate change. In particular, disappointing forecasts http://fairtrade.com.au/~/media/fairtrade%20australasia/files/resources%20for%20pages%20-%20reports%20standards%20and%20policies/tci_a_brewing_storm_final_24082016_web.pdf doing in the Australian Institute of climate (The Climate Institute): 2050 square coffee fields will be reduced by half, and after 30 years will disappear completely. The fact that the coffee trees need almost ideal conditions for development, they grow in height from half to two thousand meters above sea level, at a certain temperature (15-25 degrees) and humidity. Global warming is shifting to favorable conditions for growing coffee in the mountains, and pests and fungi start to flourish, destroying the plantation. So, 2012-2013 farmers of Central America have lost half of the crop, Guatemala — 85 percent. Total damage for the region’s economy amounted to about half a billion dollars. Negative impact on the plantation is also influenced by soil erosion, landslides and decline in groundwater level. All this creates conditions for the complete disappearance of coffee in the foreseeable future.

the report from The Climate Institute highlighted that the gradual extinction of coffee trees causing serious damage to farmers around the world, depriving millions of dollars. Especially painful the impact of the crisis on small farmers often have no other source of income. They are the main producers of coffee beans. If the apocalyptic predictions of scientists come true, that 20-25 million people in Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Guatemala and dozens of other countries may be left without a livelihood. Not to mention the fact that the budgets of some poor African countries dependent on exports of this product no less than Russia or Saudi Arabia of hydrocarbons.

it Should be noted that the coffee market is very capricious and always responsive to any, even the most minor changes. Coffee beans, along with oil and gold, are the so-called commodities — major commodity. Last summer, amid continuous drought in the major areas of growth of coffee trees in South America and India, speculators sharply inflated prices, fear of shortages. As a result, only in one day 10 Aug coffee on the new York stock exchange rose almost a quarter.

In practice, the total extinction of the coffee plantations will mean that by 2050 invigorating drink will either become prohibitively expensive or will lose badly in quality. In the Finnish coffee company Paulig working with 1876, tried to make coffee without using coffee beans. For this, the researchers used the malt, dried figs, tea and powder carob, creating a “Blend 2080. Coffee without coffee.” Unfortunately, the efforts of technologists to recreate more than 800 aromatic compounds that are present in coffee, has completely failed — it is clearly felt only the taste of burnt wood. “I talked to a lot of farmers growing coffee, and almost all suffer from negative climate change. The majority of them — inhabitants of the poorest countries whose incomes are heavily dependent on the coffee harvest,” said managing Director Paulig coffee division ELISA Markula Group.

Scientists have advised farmers today to think about climate change: look for places in the highlands for cultivation of new plantations. In turn all countries of the world, if they don’t want to lose affordable and quality coffee you have to make efforts to combat global warming.

Blood and diapers

In April 2018 Western players will be able once again to feel in the shoes of the Japanese Yakuza’s kiryu Kazuma, immersed in the atmosphere of mystery, deceit, love and betrayal game Yakuza 6. “Ribbon.ru” talks about what sets it apart from the previous series and why play is necessary.

Kirill arrived in this provincial town on important business. The situation, however, did not have any vigorous activity — through the trees glimmering morning light, the narrow streets were deserted. However, the idyll was broken by the fact that in the hands Kyryukhy sat a year-old child, so we had to find a place to fall, a drink or two and feed the child.

How quickly time flies — once six mafia family, Kiruha has risen significantly, up to the position of Chairman of the clan (which he had not been ten minutes). He had other things to do — he wanted to raise a foster daughter and say goodbye with a criminal record.

anyway, he couldn’t do it. No matter how much he tried, the quagmire of the criminal underworld sucked him back. Being in the orphanage, he took the patronage of several orphans who were raised in their own shelter. Unfortunately, he could not be with them constantly for the above reason, and, eventually, landed in jail, leaving them in the care of his daughter. He did, however, volunteer to wash away the sins of the past and with a clear conscience to be released in three years.

But when it happened, it turned out that everything is bad: the adopted daughter had disappeared, no one in the city is no longer seen. When Kirill finally found her, it turned out that the girl was hit by a car and now she is in the hospital in a coma. But no one in the next room sports a rosy-cheeked baby. So Kiruha became a grandfather — not formally, but in fact. But who got her pregnant his adopted daughter? This is what he had to find out.

Yakuza 6 — the last game of the epic serials, which featured Kazuma Kiryu, a legendary Yakuza, a favorite all over Japan and then the world. Brave, noble and fair, the personification of goodness with fists.

the Yakuza Series is difficult to compare to any other games because, in fact, the gameplay here takes a secondary role. Rather, it is a very high quality soap Opera, makes you laugh and cry, really worrying about the fate of her characters on the one hand, seeming caricature-a grotesque, but on the other hand, really alive, for which it is impossible not to worry.

What sets sixth part of the series from the rest is that its creators (probably quite deliberately) chose to focus on the figure of the main character. It seems that other familiar characters occasionally come across in the frame, are nothing more than shadows, ghosts into the story in order to give players the opportunity to see them again. This, by the way, clearly reminiscent of the dream sequence Kiryu in the beginning of the game, in which he sees them glowing images, stops and recalls how he first met them and who they are. Friend-enemy, Kiryu, Goro Majima old detective Makoto date, children from an orphanage during the last the adventures of the protagonist they seem to stop only to say good-bye.

Little Haruto, the son of his adopted daughter Haruka, caught in the hands of the protagonist, is definitely a reference to the first part of the game where Kiryu takes care of itself. Besides, that baby just can not not love, although he regularly cries and demands a bottle of formula (which, by the way, in one of the quests will have to search long).

In a whirlwind of events filled with violence, deceit and drama, the play explores one important topic — why important for us as social connections. In Hiroshima Kiryu will find unexpected allies: the provincial family of the Yakuza, headed by none other than Takeshi Kitano — the wise and mischievous old bastard. He will learn to change diapers, he will resolve conflicts of parents and children and to find help good people in unexpected situations. Here is Yakuza 6 fully justifies its subtitle — Song of Life (“Song of life”), celebrating life itself and the positive qualities of people, which do not allow humanity to disappear from the face of the Earth. And in these moments, perhaps, any person who is not completely deprived of empathy, almost always want to warmly smile.

the World of Yakuza 6 is not trying to impress the player a variety of locations — it presents two blocks: already well known from previous series Camarote Tokyo and Hiroshima Onomichi. Moreover, Camarate became even less than before — some place in it that are available in other parts of the game that are not available in the sixth.

This, however, does not affect the overall impression of Yakuza 6, which is made on a new engine, allowing the city, which is Kiryu, to Shine with new colors, giving you the opportunity to see the smallest details and enjoy the brilliance of a neon sign in the fresh puddles on the pavement. Life Camarote boiling. Sometimes it’s nice just to stop and turn on the first person (who, incidentally, was not earlier) to enjoy the indescribable atmosphere of the capital of Japan, looking at the passing couples and chatting on the cell phone of employees, shuffling home after work.

by the Way, if we talk about smartphones, the relations Kiryu with high technology have always been strained, as is true for the sixth part of the game. He’s not very good with them and treats them with suspicion — and not without reason! In one of the side-quests he agrees to put on your phone voice assistant — a miracle of modern technology, to terrified to remove him, having learned that artificial intelligence is plotting to destroy mankind.

as for side-quests at all, and then Yakuza 6 remains true to itself: they do not so much as in the previous parts, but among them really is no walk-through. Each of the side quests involves resolving a particular moral dilemma, and its fulfillment brings deep satisfaction — whether it’s help a little girl in search of photos of her idol, or the rescue of fishermen from the shark.

of Course, inside the game, as usual, incorporates many mini-games that can be enjoyed if desired, or if you suddenly want to take a breath during the execution of the tasks of the main line. The slot machines gamers are waiting for the old slot machines with old-fashioned arcades and races, in the clubs-cabaret — frivolous conversations with hostesses in karaoke bars Kiryu will be able to try to sing some pop song, in which he will need help, time by pressing the joystick buttons.

Those who want peace, most like to wander around Onomichi. This area of the sleepy seaside town, on the streets is nice to walk, where there are no noisy crowds, but a lot of old dilapidated buildings and houses, the streets which go rare port workers. But the calm is deceptive — and then Kiryu would have to wave their fists to defend their honor and dignity.

the Combat system in Yakuza 6 is greatly simplified compared to previous games of the series. For example, from 0 Yakuza Kiryu was fighting three racks, each of which allows you to fight in a different style. The “six” he doesn’t need to think about which to choose, and when pumping characteristics about which to choose — Expo comes easily and also easily and quickly spent to obtain the necessary set of them.

Therefore, no special strategy in the battle to develop is not necessary — in fact it becomes commonplace future, not devoid of a certain appeal, but far less meaningful than “my best”. However, it may disappoint experienced players, who appreciate the fighting component of the game, and for those who are more interested in the plot, this situation is more likely to appeal to practically nothing distracts from it.

in addition, the fights become significantly more spectacular, due to the larger number of opponents. Yes, and see how Kiryu grabs an opponent, and then his own body satisfied with the “rainbow”, destroying standing around, always a pleasure. Always have items — from vases to bikes, which the main character throws the crowd once nedogogo and physics engine of the game allows him to interact with the outside world. Broken glass, flying furniture… Probably just looks spectacular fight in the store when the shelves piles of fly products, creating eye-pleasing chaos.

Finally, if before any battle was preceded by a loading screen, now it starts almost instantly and can proceed not only on the conventional closed-circuit arena. Enemies and Kiryu can run, waving his fists around the city, destroying everything in its path, climbing the fire escape, throwing each other down from the height. All this gives the battles a dynamism that was lacking before.

a Separate branch of the side-quests will allow Kiryu to feel above the fray — in the truest sense of the word. He will have the opportunity to create their own clan that will fight against the organization JUSTIS, the army of volunteers who wanted to fight crime in the country, but began to terrorize the citizens.

* * *

Yakuza 6 falls on the player, like snow on the head, immediately placing it in the center of the whirl of events, forcing us to empathize with the heroes and allowing them to say goodbye to a favorite character, which they passed fire and water for ten years. A tale that tells about the events in the real world, came to an end, concluding the story of Kasumi Kiryu on a high note.

She never got rid of his major shortcomings — for example, too long cutscenes, painful minor dialogues, which have to be fast, constantly pressing the X button, but because you love it. Yakuza — this is not GTA in Japan, not relaxed quest and not dashing fighting game. Yakuza is a cultural heritage of the Japanese igroproma, unique in their strengths and weaknesses. Although its main story is finished, the series will continue, only with a different protagonist. Another question, will players be able to feel with it the same emotional connection as with Kazuma Kiryu, forever the fourth Chairman of the Tojo clan.

There is no hope

Friday, March 23, the Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev arrested for two months the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko. It is suspected of staging a coup and assassinate the President. “Ribbon.ru” to understand, in just two years Savchenko has passed a thorny road from national hero to enemy of the state, what can we expect in the foreseeable future and that will receive the Ukrainian power from the unwinding of this story.

March 8 at the intersection of the boundary lines between the DPR and Ukraine-controlled territories employees of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained Vladimir Ruban is a Ukrainian volunteer, involved in release of the captives. He drove to Ukraine a large consignment of weapons. First there were reports that Ruban almost alone planning an attack on the government quarter in Kiev.

soon, However, Ukrainian security officials said that Ruban did not act alone. 13 Mar investigators have called Nadezhda Savchenko for questioning in the case. On 15 March the General Prosecutor of Ukraine (GPU) has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada three views: on the lifting of immunity, on detention and on Nadezhda Savchenko’s arrest on suspicion of plotting a coup.

on March 22 the Verkhovna Rada has satisfied the petition of GPU. On the same day, Savchenko was detained by the staff, and the next day the court arrested her until may 20. These events were accompanied by a flurry of approval from the Ukrainian politicians. Although just two years ago the same people were honored Savchenko, who returned from Russian captivity, and applauded when President Poroshenko was presented her star of the Hero of Ukraine. It seems during this time on the way from the Russian prison before the big Ukrainian politicians Hope somewhere taken a wrong turn. That is not surprising — the people who proved themselves on the battlefield, not always able to choose the right tactics in political battles.

Nadezhda Savchenko was born in 1981 in Kiev. Practically all her life connected with the Ukrainian armed forces. Savchenko served in the Ukrainian contingent in Iraq, has mastered a speciality of the Navigator at Kharkiv University of air forces of Ukraine. In 2013, she supported the Maidan, took part in the clashes on Hrushevskoho street in January 2014. With the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass, joined the volunteer battalion Aidar.

in the Summer of 2014 she was captured by soldiers of the LC and were taken to Russia, whether she crossed the Ukrainian-Russian border and was detained in Russia. In the end, the investigative Committee of Russia (SKR) has accused her of aiding and abetting the killing of VGTRK journalists Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin.

In March 2016, a Russian court found her guilty and sentenced to 22 years in prison. However, two months later, Savchenko was exchanged for two citizens of Russia, Alexander Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev, convicted in Ukraine for participation in combat actions on the side of the unrecognized republics.

All the time, while in Russia there was a consequence and court, the foreign Ministry of Ukraine and mass-media were active in advocacy work, demanding her immediate release. Sitting in jail, Nadezhda Savchenko became the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, member of Ukrainian PACE delegation. The European Parliament and the US State Department recognized her as a political prisoner.

About her movies, her support was made by artists, school children wrote her letters and studied her biography. Even had a Lenin square in the provincial town Vatutine in Cherkasy region renamed in honor of Savchenko.

Less than two years she became world famous. Rating of recognition Savchenko in Ukraine was 99 percent.

However, after returning to Ukraine, it became clear that the Ukrainian government would prefer to see Savchenko in a Russian prison, and not in the Ukrainian Parliament. In the years 2014-2016 on its behalf, frankly PR all Ukrainian politicians. Her arrest and resonant criminal case played a role in the intensification of the crisis between Russia and the West.

Yes, the first months after the liberation Savchenko was the hero of all esters. However, it soon became clear that the Ukrainian media have created an ideal image that has little in common with a real person. Nadezhda Savchenko was a conflict. Already four months after homecoming Savchenko left nominated her to the deputies of the faction Fatherland.

Savchenko repeatedly and very critically spoke about the Ukrainian authorities. Blamed her for the war in the Donbass, corruption. Publicly supported the establishment of the dictatorship and were critical about the prospects of the current government. A year ago, she allegedly called the Ukrainian military to overthrow the government. However, the matter was hushed up.

Hope was a chance to be a corrupt MP or marginalized as some “heroes” of the Maidan. Apparently, it was not satisfied with both, and she decided to go her own way.

the story of the arrest Savchenko, accused of plotting a coup leaves more questions than answers. Chief among them: who benefits from this story and what receive dividends interested persons.

At the same time, with regard to the plans for the attack on the government quarter and the seizure of the Parliament, Nadiya Savchenko does not deny his participation. However, set out the attorney General version is highly questionable, and the evidence is inconclusive.

the Statement that Savchenko alone or in groups of several people were going to capture Parliament and to kill all MPs, do not look plausible. And the evidence do not inspire confidence.

Published by the General Prosecutor of record does not directly indicate preparation of a terrorist attack Nadezhda Savchenko. The videos Savchenko but speaks of the intention to make the above attack, but the format of the conversation is more reminiscent of the dreamy chatter in the kitchen, rather than a staged preparation of a coup.

However, the quality of evidence in this case is secondary. Petro Poroshenko as a result of several judicial reforms, was able to subdue the judiciary so that, if necessary, Nadezhda Savchenko can plant in the presence of any evidence.

According to Ukrainian political scientist Ruslan Bortnik, the government expected that Hope Savchenko will not return to Ukraine (at the time of the allegations of its involvement, it was in Europe). However, back than upped the ante. As a result, the power itself outsmarted and caught between bad and very bad solutions.

very bad, according to Ruslan Bortnik, insisted the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and representatives of one of the two ruling parties — the popular front. The essence of this solution is the recognition of Nadiya Savchenko mentally insane. The Prime Minister has spoken about this quite specifically.

Such a decision would be a direct reference to the Soviet punitive psychiatry and, obviously, would not be supported either domestically or in the international arena.

However, the recognition Savchenko insane and its premise in a psychiatric hospital would have played into the hands of opponents of Poroshenko and the current government. First, it would cause enormous reputational impact personally on the President, who just two years ago Savchenko was awarded the star of Hero of Ukraine.

second, Savchenko at any time could be considered healthy and to release with undetermined consequences for the government in the first place — again, for the President.

This script was advanced by representatives of the National front and the Prime Minister, probably for the following reasons. The popular front, the party which belongs to former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov and interior Minister Arsen Avakov has rating at the level of statistical error. Popular front will not pass in Parliament in the elections of 2019, and are therefore actively looking for opportunities for bargaining with the President’s team of, shall we say, interesting conditions of cooperation in the elections.

Creating challenges domestically and in foreign policy weaken the bargaining position of the President and therefore strengthen the position of the popular front. For this reason, “very bad option” was supported by the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, which strengthens its position within the political hierarchy and thinks about his own political future after the election.

the Government has just chosen a bad option, that is, the arrest, and probably imprisonment. This option, as well as any other, in any case will cause reputational damage to the authorities. The arrest of the hero of Ukraine, a national favorite, which just two years ago were on hand and praised the whole country, obviously will cause confusion and rejection in society.

the Ukrainian political expert Kirill Molchanov believes that if the government doesn’t put the case Savchenko on the brakes as it was with the case of bribery of the people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, the loss of reputation would be even greater. Weak procedural provision for the prosecution and, obviously, the daring behavior of Savchenko will undermine the authority remains of the Ukrainian authorities. A year before the election, it is quite undesirable.

There is another unpleasant feature in the case Savchenko. The power in the eyes of Ukrainian society did not become an innocent victim of the bloody conspirators around which should unite to protect. On the contrary, if the society does not support Savchenko directly, then certainly not consider her a bad person and a criminal. People are frankly tired of economic problems, insecurity and the constant scandals at the highest levels. Therefore, the preparation of an armed coup is perceived with well-known understanding.

This feature is a very dangerous signal for the Ukrainian authorities. This week was published ratings of potential presidential candidates and political parties. According to them, the level of government support is at its lowest level since 2014. Petro Poroshenko, apparently, has no prospects of re-election in 2019, and his party has a very shaky prospects to enter the Parliament. The second ruling party, the popular front, has long been those prospects lost and is rated at 0.6 percent.

In terms of loss of confidence of the majority of citizens of Ukraine, the authorities were thrown yet another challenge in the form of coup attempts. And let it passed under the control of the security services and was able to prevent the fact of preparation of a coup creates fear. The government understands that if anything, she will have no one to lean on.

In this situation we can assume that a coup attempt the government uses for a crackdown. Ukrainian political analysts believe that to the case Savchenko has the potential to connect anyone. And Yulia Tymoshenko, the main rival Petro Poroshenko in the presidential race, and Igor Kolomoisky, the victim in the fight with the President, and Viktor Medvedchuk, whom punctually is called a “Kremlin agent”.

the Crackdown could also affect the less technically weak players. We are talking about the Ukrainian nationalists, the military, participants of military operations in the Donbass. Nadezhda Savchenko is among these people considerable authority. Potentially, they could support a coup.

So that the government’s actions against the opposition of the radicals is to be expected. For example, during a court hearing in the case Savchenko, police blocked the headquarters of the National body in Kiev.

the Ukrainian policy is characterized by a high level conspiracy. Almost every opposition politician or public figure is suspected of working or cooperation with the presidential administration. Do not stay aside and Hope Savchenko.

So, the political expert Dmitry Korniychuk sure that Savchenko is a “project Bank” (of the presidential administration of Ukraine). According to him, Petro Poroshenko uses Savchenko as a point of Assembly conventionally “Patriotic” opposition. It can be assumed that under such a scenario occurs, the drainage of the far-right protest in Ukraine.

a Similar view is shared by Ukrainian political analyst Valentin Gaidai. “Scandal Savchenko diverts attention from the main leaders of the presidential race, in particular, from the strongest competitor — Yulia Tymoshenko, — the expert believes. — It is possible that the administration is seriously thinking over the promotion of Savchenko as a possible candidate for President in order to divert votes from Tymoshenko. Still, the appearance of another bright odious women in politics takes Yulia Tymoshenko monopoly on the role of a certain iron lady, the only female politician”.

This version is confirmed by sociological surveys. In February this year, the rating of Yulia Tymoshenko accounted 9.8 percent, making it the leader in the presidential race. President Petro Poroshenko has just 3.9 percent, he is in fourth place in the ranking. So the desire Poroshenko to weaken its main rival is understandable.

However, Ruslan Bortnik does not agree with this interpretation of the actions of the authorities. According to experts, Savchenko is not suitable as a competitor of Tymoshenko for two reasons. First, the electorate is little overlap, so there are conditions to support Savchenko as a counterweight to Tymoshenko.

second, Hope Savchenko virtually no rating. Immediately after her release, the level of support has been tremendous, but it is not converted into a political rating. In December 2016, six months after returning home, her ranking accounted 2.7 percent. A little more than a year, in February 2018, Nadezhda Savchenko generally featured in the presidential rating.

Ruslan Bortnik compares the version about the pre-pumping of Nadezhda Savchenko with the same in respect of Mikheil Saakashvili. In the fall of 2017 was also a popular point of view that he can delay the opposition constituency. However, after six months, shortly before his expulsion from the country, Mikheil Saakashvili politically completely marginalized.

political Analyst Kirill Molchanov also doubts that the administration of the President of Ukraine entered into some agreement with Savchenko. According to experts, it is difficult to manage the person who creates chaos around him. Respectively and agree with her about anything dangerous.

However, definitive conclusions to do while early. A little more than a week, as Savchenko was accused of a coup attempt. Only after a few months it will be possible to say whether the case Savchenko campaign project or the Ukrainian government set myself some other goals.

it is possible that the case Savchenko is the desire of the authorities to distract the public from socio-economic problems. According to a former adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Peshko, the power to create new information causes that trigger people’s attention. Maintaining a constant sense of threat from the fighting in the Donbas, the coup attempts of Mikhail Saakashvili and Hope Savchenko, the government distracting public opinion from the failures in the economy and falling quality of life.

the Real problems are really missing: the increase of prices and tariffs, the constant devaluation of the hryvnia, unemployment. It is worth noting that in the midst of scandal Savchenko was dismissed head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva. Amid news of a failed coup, the news about the dismissal of Gontareva passed almost unnoticed, and in fact it (along with other senior officials) guilty in a catastrophic fall of the hryvnia.

so far, the events only unfold, and to make definite conclusions about all the stakeholders of Nadezhda Savchenko’s case clearly before. The only thing you can say for sure is that Ukrainian politics will continue to live with the scandals and probably this is not the last conspiracy against the current Ukrainian authorities.