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Took the ice cream

Cristiano Ronaldo there is a real chance not just to miss the world Cup in Russia. Before five-time winner of the Golden ball looms the prospect to receive information about the events at the world Cup behind bars. “the Tape.ru” — accumulated tax problems for the Portuguese.

it is Hard to imagine a world championship without Ronaldo, who is perceived not just as a virtuoso trick, a ruthless goalscorer and a very indiscreet in the assessment of their virtues the player. Cristiano is one of the coolest brands in world football, not only its current version, but more than a century the history of the most popular on the planet of ball game.

Without his brand of stubbornness, the captain would not have reached, perhaps, a quarter of those tops that included them in the list of conquered. But sometimes this same stubbornness puts the leader of the Madrid real Madrid on the edge of the abyss.

and now Cristiano is preparing for the world Cup, at the risk of being not a party to it, and the audience, and contemplating the main football event of four years on TV not in his comfortable dwelling, and in a prison cell. Head over Cristiano entered the sword of Damocles Spanish tax service, which, as it turns out, neither a big name nor powerful patrons, nor the world glory.

Only money can save the “giant football thoughts” — the money it owes to the Spanish budget and does not want to give.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not like the others and have always tried to emphasize the difference. Mostly game and goals, but if someone does not catch up to such occasionally had to voice: “I am handsome, rich and a great player. All the others are jealous of me!”

Gradually, the confidence turned into overconfidence, resulting in the above catch phrase was added to the word “smart” on a subconscious level into a “most intelligent”. Smarter state fiscal service, which seems to count other people’s money knows better than anyone else, but from time to time is not shining on its outstanding capabilities.

Cristiano in Spain was not the first who decided to “sell face” — that is, to obtain remuneration for the use of their image in advertising, promotions and other things. And not the first one who was inclined to believe that the store earned offshore is not only safer but also far more rewarding. But until recently, Portuguese was the only one of those who contacted the “tax haven” — paraíso fiscal (as in the Iberian Kingdom call site with a minimized level of taxation — ed. “Of the tape.ru”) and not suffered from any problems.

Against the Spanish tax authorities by offshore companies is twofold. On the one hand they never tire of repeating that “to move funds through paraíso fiscal means significantly nedogruza the state budget mandatory deductions”. On the other — acknowledge that the registration of companies in offshore zones does not go (at least for now) beyond the boundaries of the law of the Kingdom.

With all this by departing from taxation firms approach the Spanish sneaks are still different. Companies, really leading of business (manufacturing, trading or banking), spoke in the wheel pose. It is because the whole of Spain is well-known that 33 of the 35 largest firms in the country, are the founders and main figures of the stock exchange of the Kingdom, have an extensive network of offshore company. Accept perfectly legal “daughters”. Leader in terms of offshore “children” is the largest private Bank Santander (72 firms). Second place is a powerful construction Corporation ACS (71). Included in the three of leaders Bank BBVA far behind the competition (43) and reaching the fourth oil company REPSOL (42). “The rating of the offshore company,” is almost identical with the list in which Spanish companies can be positioned according to the degree of impact on the economy of the country.

Enterprises that have recorded overseas athletes are recognized as structures of the Spanish Finance “instrumental,” that is, servants of the one purpose — the concealment of income from taxation. Naturally, to deal with such firms is the bounden duty of sneaks.

Hunting for stars money unfolded slowly: it was necessary to give the “hog” to save up Zhirkov, and even upon reaching the “commodity weight” and to knock it off. The first “shots” produced by the Spanish tax authorities by the stars of a relatively small scale, was the sighting. Under the hot hand of the fighters for filling the budget have got players from which you can make an entire decent team: Iker Casillas, Alexis Sanchez, Radamel Falcao, Luka Modric, Xabi Alonso, Marcelo Vieira, Ricardo Carvalho. And coach them to identify the infamous Jose Mourinho. All members of this “football club of delinquent taxes” owed to the Spanish Treasury of up to two million euros each. Which were reimbursed, virtually without controversy with minfinovskih structure. And rightly so — a more expensive conflict with tax authorities.

has Not been configured was long butting, arguing that “not turning aside, not checked and not brought abroad”, and the star of “Barcelona” Lionel Messi, but it just didn’t. First, because the amount of Argentine was the more serious — more than 4 million. And secondly (this, however, is convinced the Catalan press is stronger than the media the rest of Spain), there has not been without behind-the-scenes game guide enemies of the people of Barcelona from real Madrid.

When it Messi seemed to be headed down a familiar path to a peaceful finale with the payment of a striker underpaid (plus a fine), in stepped the Mar Silva Lapuerta involved in litigation as a lawyer with the state. Paradoxically, the fact: the Prosecutor has requested that case Messi from the criminal field to the administrative and punish the player “money” (in the sense that the Euro, of course). And the defendant demanded a verdict with the penalty of imprisonment.

the Catalan media instantly sought out photos Lapuerta communicating with the real Madrid President Florentino Perez, and remembered that March in the first coming of Florentino in the office of the “cream” served at the club one of the Directors. The nature of malignancy other attorney, thus, were journalists installed, and the image of Perez a few spoiled. Although this episode he survived without any alarms.

Finally came the turn and up to the largest production — Ronaldo, which tax specialists have counted illegal in the offshore company (according to the press) EUR 150 million. Evidence, however, the keepers of financial discipline managed to collect a much smaller amount, but it proves the size of arrears was impressive — 14.7 million. And if for Xabi Alonso, whose shortfall was $ 3 million, the Prosecutor requests five years in prison, one can imagine what will happen to Ronaldo.

the Portuguese among athletes accused of Spanish tax authorities in compliance with financial laws, was the only one who decided to go to the end, proving his innocence.

Few of the anonymous experts, talking to newspaper correspondents, doubts that Ronaldo felt strong because I felt the shoulder of Peres. Functionary, as did the scorer “creamy”, was to take all the necessary measures behind the scenes to whitewash the image of your pet. Florentino, among other things, not just the head of the Spanish record-breakers. He is also a permanent member of the top ten Spanish billionaires, and also the President and main shareholder of the very ACS that was mentioned above. So the level of capability of the main “realistic” you can imagine.

But the trick is that the businessmen, Pets not happen. There are figures that bring them success and the planned income. Cristiano, who in the beginning of the proceedings against him, was the 33rd year, has ceased to be a Queen Perez. Aging stars of the first magnitude — the same material used as the stars of second and third order. And Ronaldo also offered to repay its debt to the Treasury at the expense of the club. That was, it seems, the straw that broke the patience of the leadership of real Madrid.

Cristiano, unexpectedly, was one on one with justice. Of course, with the support of a team of lawyers who offered him not to feel superior, smarter and smarter than other players who fell under the press of the tax. And repeat them the way of repentance and retribution money for the error.

With the September hearings, the Portuguese left bewildered, but not lost faith that “OK, let me lose money, but not spoil the biography of a criminal penalty”. However, the timing of financial decisions the issue had already passed: you can pay off only up to the time of the hearing. Under investigation.

But, no! In March this year, Cristiano has sent in the resignation of all its not coped with the task of lawyers. And after the meeting, on 23 March, all witnesses appearing at his side suddenly moved to the other side, hired for the position of negotiator Jose Antonio Chiclana, former master of the National court, known for his ability to bring disputing parties to a common denominator.

But then the miracle did not happen.

Perhaps, just yet. Cristiano Ronaldo is still not an ordinary citizen. Football brand. A considerable part of world football history. And face needed starting in June the world Cup. Prior to which the Portuguese blood from his nose wants to close the issue and forget it as a nightmare. The date of the final hearing has not yet been determined. According to some Newspapers (unofficial, of course), the last court hearing could take place in early June. That it had made a sentence with the words “to assign as punishment … years of imprisonment” Cristiano is ready for anything. This is the “everything” according to estimates of different experts may vary in the range of 30 to 35 million euros. Experts from El Mundo, “the tax authorities will be able to prove non-payment of a maximum of 12 million, and the penalty in this case will be 24”. I must say — godly. By law, the penalty can exceed the amount of the arrears four times. But the main thing here — not money. And not even their number. And the fact that the repayment of debt and payment of compensation can allow Cristiano to avoid imprisonment.

the Spanish newspaper, spreading in the beginning of this week’s the news, claimed that “the customer is ripe” and “ready to pay almost any amount.” Prior to the weekend it became clear that this is not so. Toad Cristiano still choking, and he, according to El Mundo, offers to pay into the Treasury only the amount he counted 14 million debt and to part with the tax authorities. However, the publication has no doubt that tax specialists do not agree with this proposal — why make the exception from which the other deviators will then try to make a rule? Moreover, in Spain the government constantly repeats the slogan “tax — is all of us”, referring to the country’s population. So the last sentence Ronaldo is very much like playing with fire.

of course There is the option of a change of venue for “after the world Cup”. In theory, Yes. But almost… To football for the captain of the Portuguese national team when in his mind will have a thought that in Spain he expects the sky in a large cage?

Monsters inside

Ends the Cannes film festival. I wanted to see everything, but often limited to only a competitive program. Now from almost two dozen films of the hard to have to choose the best. Before reviewers with a dilemma: to assess the competitive review or write about the best films of the festival? To include a parallel program, to give preference to cinematic discoveries or to follow the chronology of shows? Today all guess who will win and thus go down in history, but critics do not always coincide with the opinion of the jury. And now we write about two pictures, one of them — “Capernaum” Nadine Lightweight, I feel, would win the Palme d’or. Yes, and another “Cold war” Paul Pawlikowska — not an outsider. Let’s see the wait is long.

1949, post-war Poland. The Communist leadership quickly realized that in newness of the country, where in the red corner, portraits of Lenin and Stalin, we have to go to the Soviet channel. As in Russia, where the main cultural product for export was “folk art”, the poles create their own song and dance ensemble to perform at government events, not only at home but also abroad. The casting is extremely harsh, the days of hunger, applicants searched all the villages. Newly minted artistic Director of the ensemble, the pianist and conductor Victor (Tomasz kot) directly into the listening first sight falls in love with the stubborn singer of the song “Heart” Isaac Dunaevsky. “Don’t want peace”, and young Zula (Joanna of Swarms), the relationship between conductor and singer quickly adjusted. In a short time the team gets fame, he was successful in his homeland, and then in the countries of the Warsaw Pact.

as rapidly developing relations between the characters. Three years later, we are already seeing Zulu prettier soloist, in a moment of tenderness promising Victor love to the grave. His promise, I must admit, the girl will perform. And yet, immediately after Stalin’s death, the founder of the ensemble during the Berlin tour heading West. Inventing some vague excuse, say, what am I gonna do, I only know how to sing Polish folk songs, the Zula, which Victor I beg you to run off together, flatly refuses. And here is our pianist already lives in Paris, plays in a jazz café. Several years pass, the cold war is in full swing, and raging not only in politics but also in the hearts of heroes.

unable to cope with the feelings, caressed by the Polish authorities prima throws everything and emigrate to the West — she fictitiously married a Sicilian. The couple re-connects. For a couple of decades, during which we observe the characters, they go through several circles of hell, break up, come together, live freely, release an album of songs, then sacrifice this freedom, they are dying, fleeing, crossed by personal beliefs compromise his dignity dancer, to once again save her beloved, is married to an influential government official and even bears him a child, and so on.

the Story tells of how, having every reason to be together and to live long and relatively happy, talented people, transformed by the spirit of totalitarianism in complete neurotics, not only did not dare to protest, and recognized personal suffering the norm and voluntarily agreed to it. When the internal stress finally drives the lovers to a standstill — the only thing that can bring relief, it becomes an escape from reality. Pawlikowski has dedicated the film to his parents that explains not so much the strangeness of his characters — in the film they were looking for each other our whole lives, although they had not been separated, what a surprise ending. Life is braver than any fantasy writers, because we know that the father and mother of the author behaved in a similar way.

“Cold war” deliberately shot as homage to the cinema of the postwar era. Although not a classic “daddy’s cinema”, but also avant-garde him not to call. The Director works in a recognizable manner, giving preference, as in the Oscar-winning “IDA”, monochrome photography, slyly giving any modern film affectation. But the Director manages to avoid pathos: in fact before us a musical where almost every major scene is accompanied by a musical number, a parody sometimes, if we are talking about semi-official ensemble, sometimes downright postmodern, when Zula is in Paris, she begins to sing Polish folk songs in jazz arrangement in French is one of the most stylish scenes of the picture, directly referring to the aesthetics of “Casablanca”. Strong side movie Pawlikowska in this entertaining combination of conditional and gloom, though, and takes him out of the orbit of commercial spectacle, but allows you to receive international awards and the Oscars.

“You know you’re a monster?” — throws if the twelve-, or thirteen-year-old Zane (Zane al Raffee) to my mother when she comes to visit him in prison. No one knows how much is actually the boy, his poor parents did not buy a birth certificate, and it costs $ 150, too expensive. In the receiver, the child came after he wanted to kill the unemployed, the beggar, the father literally sold as a thing, his beloved little sister, eleven years old Sohar — married as soon as she started her period. In desperation, he flees from his native bug to get into the other, does not abandon his Ethiopian refugee Rachel, which also has no passport. But in the hands of one born of some rapist year-old toddler who can now leave for a couple of hours on poor Zane, to go in search of work. To solve the problem with money Rachel can help “good people”, is only to give the baby — say in a new family, but there is a suspicion that just the bodies.

the Ordeal poor Zane, especially when dark-skinned Rachel gets distributed in to the deportee and her baby left without a mother, and therefore her breast milk is almost all the timing and basis of the plot. Director Nadine Lightweight five years preparing for the filming, then six months, shot 500 hours of material and made a creative feat in “Capernaum” children do not play, and live. It is difficult to imagine how the Director manage this: if the teenager is still possible to divert from the camera, and to make him forget about the crew, how the same thing could be done with the baby, who really can’t walk, and utters only inarticulate sounds, — a mystery.

meanwhile, the kids here — complete the main characters, and although they are placed in a natural environment, most of the scenes are staged, besides, it is clear that not filmed in one take. For all that, we face a very sophisticated from a visual point of view, it is absolutely Mature and in any case not a children’s movie. Because Beirut is shown from the inside, it is clear that this huge trash in poor neighborhoods, where people swarmed like insects. They called at trial, father Zane, of course, like any lumpen is precisely this argument, saying that you made us insects, we sell some children to survive. Yes, visually Beirut looks like a biotope terrarium, despite the fact that the dirt here is not estetiziruetsya, and lives and breathes, and is perceived literally oozes from the screen.

However, the pathos of this film is not limited to the usual argument, otherwise, had nothing to say — he’d be just another slur on the subject of suffering of the underprivileged of the third world. The lightweight touches on the aspect that because of extreme politically incorrect, it is customary to sweep under the rug. Of the detention facility Zane accidentally dials live popular television show which answers the question of the leader of his most cherished desire. “I would like to judge your parents,” the same answer to the question of the judge. “I wish they were forbidden to have children, to such poor as my parents could no longer reproduce,” Zane suggests that still divides society, forcing advocates of absolute every right to remember the word “fascism”. At the same time the problem is pushed even in the darkest corner of mass consciousness, is not going away. It has no simple and unique solution, the film makes another Lightweight, and aesthetically very powerful step towards her light. And even if not the main prize, our respect — he assured.

Criminal kings

“the Tape.ru” begins a series of articles on thieves in law — the “generals” of the underworld. Appearing in the early twentieth century, these people outside the law quickly became the head of the entire crime first the USSR and then Russia. Thieves are not like other crime bosses: they are distinguished by their own ideology, rituals and a kind of “code of honor” which is strikingly different from the rest of the bandits. Their world is safely hidden from prying eyes, and the lawyers themselves rarely make it into the crime reports, while managing everything that is happening on the other side of the law, not only in the post-Soviet space but also beyond it. In the first text of the series, I will discuss how there was a caste of thieves, how to create her unspoken rules, and how varied the world of lawyers for decades.

it is believed that the first thieves appeared in the late 20’s-early 30-ies of XX century. Of course, criminals with a clear ideology (for example, Moses Vinnitsa, known in criminal circles as Mishka Yaponchik) existed before. But they are loners who, unlike lawyers, were not a unified force, the associated General code of conduct. However, if the time of appearance of thieves about you know, about how exactly they appeared at the crime scene, there are three major versions.

the First and most banal — says that thieves have become a product of the prison environment in a difficult time for the country: behind bars, as in any closed community, at the helm of the most powerful and influential members. Over time, these “leaders” of inmates was the second power in the prison, speaking and judges, and punitive among the prisoners.

In the second version, the progenitors of the lawyers are white officers who, after the civil war were not destiny: many of them went to prison. Their comrades on the outside, often went out on the criminal path, called ghanami and eventually got imprisoned. “Ideological” jigani actively fought with the origano — criminals who do not adhere to any rules and was eager to lead the underworld, going on corpses: about the atrocities and cruelty of former white guards remembered with horror the prisoners of the Solovki special purpose camp (SLON) who are not lucky enough to get there in the 30-ies of XX century.

Conspiracy theorists believe that ex-tsarist supporters chose the path of the secret resistance of the new government: they began to Rob and plunder the Soviet state, which destroyed their lives. Indirect confirmation of this theory is that the later-established code of honour amongst thieves sometimes echoes the principles of white officers.

Finally, the third version says that the appearance of the thieves had a hand in the people’s Commissariat of internal Affairs (NKVD). Allegedly in conditions when the country has a huge number of prisoners through fierce Gulag system was “screened” millions of people — the Soviet state was the necessary support in the domestic sector barbed wire agencies. Then the security forces came up with the idea to artificially distinguish among the prisoners and the lawyers, who, thanks to his authority, began to manage the bulk of the prisoners.

the Opponents of this theory note: thieves rules strictly prohibit any contact with the authorities, turning the lawyers of the dissidents of the underworld. If thieves really planted by the NKVD, the criminal world, such a plan probably would be quickly discovered and would have been a failure. However, in favor of “poisonousness” some of the thieves says that after the great Patriotic war, they really went to the side of the authorities — and were mercilessly cut those lawyers who were truly loyal to the thieves ‘ idea. It was a real war behind bars — because by the beginning of the war, the USSR had about 3.5 thousand thieves.

the end of the great Patriotic war was marked by a new influx of prisoners in the Soviet camps. Among them were lawyers, who fought at the front for the Soviet Union — but returned to jail, they are faced with don’t understand those thieves who are on the front were not. The last thought on thieves ‘ concepts involved in the fighting is the deal with the government. For lawyers, soldiers began the persecution, they refused to be considered thieves, but those with this state of Affairs to agree didn’t want. On areas increasingly began to erupt parochial conflicts — and the government, dissatisfied with the stubborn and rebellious thieves, did not fail to take advantage of the split in their ranks and supported the persecuted. So began the confrontation that went down in history of the criminal world under the name of “bitch wars”.

the”Real” lawyers began to call their opponents that have received state support, “thieves spread out”, and more — just bitches. Feeling the force of the bitches were not just swiftly crush enemies, but also to pay the thieves in their ranks. This was done through special rituals: to go to the bitches, the lawyer was enough, for example, to kiss the blade of a knife or “ringing the bell” — to strike with a heavy object on a prepared rail.

“Thieves spread out” did not hesitate to kill opponents who are together called sheep: the thieves old school decapitated them, burned them with electric shocks, cut with knives — and sometimes poking a red-hot crowbar into the anus. These sadistic practices have contributed to the mass influx to the bitches of lawyers who wouldn’t in terrible pain to die. After bitch war, many of the rogue tried to go back to the thieves old school but were not accepted.

rolled out the thieves acted not only where sat themselves: they staged the so-called “Truelove” — these trips camp units consisting of inveterate criminals. These death squads roamed from zone to zone, arranged in each marathons of violence and forced the thieves to move on to bitches. One of the most famous such units was the team of thief Vaska Pivovarova, who fought in a penal battalion, and later became “our man” in the NKVD. The main purpose of her “mission” was to support and demonstrate the power of the branch, which by this time was in each camp.

In this terrible situation thieves of the old school had to change their rules of behavior to survive corny. In their harsh code, there were exceptions: for example, the lawyers in jail had the opportunity to become group leaders and barbers (before any administrative work behind bars with thieves was strictly taboo). This allowed the thieves to feed, and defend themselves: often scissors, secretly carried out of the camp Barber shop, served as weapons in the attack branch. Despite these tricks, in the mid 50-ies, when the branches of the war ended, the number of lawyers has been greatly reduced: some of the thieves were killed, some went to the bitches. But there were those who managed to lay low, survive the massacre and bide your time.

After a bitch war camp tranquility did not last long: in the early 60-ies in the zones began the oppression of the prisoners — they cut the number of meetings with relatives, has tightened the regime, and most importantly, reduced the possibilities to transfer. Then came the “finest hour” surviving the lawyers who had connections and their channels of supply of food —so valuable behind bars sausages, tea, cigarettes, and the like. Of course, all this was not free — but the ordinary prisoners have agreed to pay any money just to taste something other than the terrible prison gruel. Gradually the law began to be treated as the benefactors that played into their hands.

However, the picture for the thieves was rosy at first glance: loosed steam bitches have not gone away — and took a break, started again to push their sworn enemies, albeit not as aggressively as in the female war. For lawyers it is a time of change: the mastermind behind the adjustments of the thieves ‘ code became a thief Anatoly Cherkasov (Cherkas). However, it later emerged that he had concealed from thieves community for two state awards received in the war — but history, as we know, not rewrite.

Cherkas tabled lawyers four main proposals. First, he began to argue for the abolition of the rule that a thief must sit in jail from time to time. The author of the “amendments” reasonably said that the freedom of lawyers will be much more effective. According to Cherkasov, to represent their interests in places of deprivation of liberty for legalists would have been much better represented — “polozhentsev” and “looking”, which shortly thereafter became known as the “trump pigeons”.

the Second idea of the innovator was to impose a tribute to the thieves ‘ obshchak “tsehovikov” — until the late 80-ies was called the underground entrepreneurs. This amount is levied on illegal traders, according to the idea of Cherkas was not supposed to be predatory in theory, desperate machinists could contact the police. Thieves, of course, it was useless.

the Third item of its programme Cherkas was proposed to mitigate the ban on cooperation with law enforcement. No, to inform, to confess and be known as the victims the thieves still had no rights. But to sign the paper with the renunciation of criminal activity with which the guards tried to suppress all thieves movement, are now allowed. While Cherkas nod to the old thieves ‘ law, saying, the word is given to a law enforcement officer. Finally, a thief, a reformer proposed to make a “roof” for the community of thieves in the environment of dishonest officials and guardians of the law, which was supposed to bribe for money.

All proposals Cherkasova was approved at the thieves ‘ meeting (the meeting), which occurred in the early 70-ies in Kiev. However, as shown, the adjustments demanded item on levies from tsehovikov: some lawyers still have started to be greedy, to take more than the — and on the horizon loomed a serious conflict. However, it managed to avoid thanks to the meeting of 1979, held in Kislovodsk. For the first time in the history of the world of thieves to the meeting were invited the foreign representatives tsehovikov. Together, the congregation decided that from now on, lawyers are entitled to charge entrepreneurs no more than ten percent of their profits. This situation suited both sides.

Thieves code, as amended by Cherkas is still in effect. At first he followed the lawyers were called thieves of the new formation, but over the years it has become common to all. However, the blow inflicted on it by the “dashing” 90-e: in the time of troubles in the prominent thieves in law became fashionable to take the patronage of organised criminal groups (OPG). Some lawyers were even considered to be gang leaders and rapidly amass capital that did not bring the reputation of the thieves any good. The number of lawyers who adhere to the uniform code of thieves, is rapidly decreased.

the cornerstone of the current code of the legalist is the devotion to the idea of thieves: the thief must constantly confront the government and not to cooperate with him, to be outside society and have no social ties, in particular, not to start a family. However, family values among the lawyers respect: people related by marriage, it is customary to help; also in the world of criminal “generals” respect their elders and parents, especially mothers.

in Addition to the family, the thief in the law should not have a permanent place of residence. Employment is also taboo for the lawyer, the code is strictly prohibited. Not welcome in the underworld environment and business: it is believed that to feed a lawyer needs only to its criminal trade.

the Code also prohibits thieves lie to their “colleagues”, to steal from them illegally retaliate to other lawyers, if revenge is not approved by the entire underworld community. Interestingly, in the “gentleman’s set” of each thief must include the ability to honestly play cards with other lawyers. This skill shows that the man is fearless and willing to take the risk of losing anything from money to a private life.

Not commitment to such VA-Bank is not only infidelity thieves the idea, but also a manifestation of cowardice, is not valid for this lawyer. In General, the resistance and the readiness with dignity to endure any hardships and sorrow in the criminal world is highly valued; its no wonder people often call themselves “carpigiani”. By the way, because self-esteem is very important for any thief, the code of lawyers forbids them to raise a hand to each other or to jump into their midst empty and unsubstantiated insults.

While in prison, lawyers are supposed to take in hand the reins of the lives of other inmates. The thieves behind bars enhance their power, keep order and provide other lawyers, zagraevsky in a penal insulator (SHIZO). In addition, criminal “generals” collected from inmates tribute to the common Fund and replenish it. Another thieves obligation (as in prison and at liberty) — recruitment in the ranks of criminals youth and teaching her the rules of “life concepts”, in fact, the training of new “cadres.”

by the Way, today thief in law can only become a man — but it was not always so. Before the war, the USSR had about 500 “sekonic”: completely gone this criminal caste only in 1956. Then the lawyers decided that from now wear the thieves the title of women don’t. Substantiated simple: a thief cannot have sexual encounters with men and women have them provided by nature, so zakonnica them not to be.

Such a global solution thieves take together, met at a regular meeting. It can take place anywhere — the history knows a case when the thief in the law Sergey Lipchansky (Siberian) organized a meeting of lawyers in the dungeons of the famous Butyrka, just agreeing with the guards. Although, of course, where most of the thieves intend in restaurants or out of town. However, such a large event, like a thieves ‘ meeting, quickly learn and operatives, and then meeting lawyers often leads to mass arrests.

in order to become a member of the thieves club, the applicant must meet certain conditions: have a few served time in jail and bail of at least two existing “legalists” with the thieves ‘ titles at least five years each. If the conditions are met, all the colonies is posted “thieves run” (“kite”): the message that so-and-so wants to be a kingpin. This is done, firstly, to inform the criminal world, and secondly, to gather information about the candidate.

Maybe he hides that has a gambling debt? Have been having sex with a man? Knocking on someone? If this turns out the way the lawyers for the applicant is closed. If nothing interesting and is contrary to a thieves code in the biography of the candidate is not appointed the day of dedication, which can take place both in the area, and outside his prison cell. By the way, before the very initiation for Christians called “baptism”, and for Muslims — “the coronation”. Now more often used common to all religions wording — “the question” on a person.

At the dedication of a small-time thief takes an oath, in which it agrees to honor thieves ‘ traditions. Sometimes he beat the tattoo of a heart pierced by a dagger. However, this is not necessarily — and the famous thief “stars” on his shoulders and does become a thing of the past.

Voluntarily relinquish the powers of the thieves the lawyer can only be for one reason — serious illness, not allowing him to attend the gatherings. In this case, it refers to the world of thieves with the request to send his “retirement”. After verification of the veracity, the lawyer released to the world. At this the thieves of the title “retired” shall not be deprived, only slightly changing the name — now it is called “a thief in the crown”.

But if you voluntarily give up its powers, the thief actually can’t, then lose the title for misconduct — quite. How to punish the guilty, the thieves decide the whole world, on the General gathering.

the lawyer as the Guilty usually are invited to the meeting; of the coming judgment it does not warn. After he was charged — necessarily with the evidence, “the defendant” has a right to defend myself by any arguments. If all his efforts in vain, the thief admits to “guilty” and the participants of the gathering choose his punishment.

The easiest of all is the humiliating slap in the face that “convicted” weigh the other kingpin. At the same time to beat back, otherwise can and do lose their titles: the punishment is different, “debunking”, “askarovna” or “plundering”. The current thief has the lawyer’s ears — and he becomes “the man”: behind bars it will have to take as a simple barman without any privileges.

as to the most terrible punishment of the criminal world, it is, as elsewhere, the death penalty. The lawyer can kill for very serious offenses: snitching, treachery, willfully killing another thief or unauthorized addition from itself powers of the thieves. Imposed “sentence” only at the gathering of the main lawyers of the whole region of the country: the most popular variant of its execution is considered suicide. The guilty should kill herself. Of course, ready for this is not all: some are trying to stall for time, the other a fugitive.

In this case in the criminal world there are regular killers liquidators, who find the fugitives and lead “sentences” in execution. Usually such killers skillfully mask the massacre by accidents: the victim can push under the car or to fake food poisoning, hiding the poison. From the exotic — the fugitive could slip a prostitute who at the most unexpected moment will make him a lethal injection.

However, if such sophisticated ways possible, “convict” can just put in concrete shoes and send it to the bottom of the reservoir, as it liked to do, participants of various organized crime groups. And sometimes the executioners not only did not try to hide their actions, but, on the contrary, satisfied with the likeness of acts of intimidation: a case where the liquidator has overtaken “the convict” for the betrayal of a fugitive train, where he gouged out his eyes, cut off his tongue and ears, which are then hammered a nail.

In the criminal world known and another story where one of the provincial Russian towns the offending lawyer was forced to crawl into the period of the construction of the pipeline and welded shut the entrance. A few days miserable in the pitch dark looking for a way out, until by chance it came across. However, to get it out, but that’s crazy: for a long time “condemned” vain was treated in a psychiatric hospital and eventually committed suicide.

the Exact number of thieves that are now in Russia is difficult to call: it prevents the maximum conspiracy in their midst. However, it is estimated that in 2013 there were about four hundred thieves on the loose, and about one hundred — who is serving a sentence in places of deprivation of liberty. Of course, on the background of 3.5 thousand lawyers early 40-ies of XX century, these numbers are not large.

In this case, the thieves have not just become less: rapidly fading, those of them who life strictly followed the thieves ‘ code. More and more lawyers allow themselves to do business, and start a family. For example, the far East kingpin Evgeny Vasin (Jam) in the 90s, his title didn’t hurt to manage a huge organized crime community “Obshchak” and create things that are very far from the strict rules of the thieves.

In the same 90-e, by the way, thieves titles began to trade, albeit for a lot of money; there are lawyers, never in my life have not trampled the area. More than that: recently thieves title became possible to obtain almost Skype — in fact, why pack, if you have the video? Of course, those thieves who still honors the traditions, such innovations cause at least perplexity.

Appeared in the “underworld” and “secular” punishment — penalties. Now have committed minor misdemeanor lawyer is a humiliating slap in the face, which somehow undermine his credibility, can get away with a contribution in thieves ‘ obshchak. Against this background, the lawyers of the new generation, unlike their ancestors, have ceased to be proud of the shots behind bars: in prison they go extremely reluctantly.

overall, in recent years lawyers much ground, and strict adherence to the thieves ‘ code is becoming more of a feature of thieves old school. However, rigid regulations have made the lawyers who they are — the first persons of the criminal world. And when the thieves ‘ code for years, will finally sink into oblivion, there’s a good chance that the once mighty and influential thieves in law, for whom the honor was not an empty word, will be converted into ordinary bandits.

The Consul of the master race

Consul of Ukraine in Hamburg Vasily Marusinec childhood considered themselves not like everyone else. Even as a simple Transcarpathian peasant, he was acutely felt by the Aryan Superman. Marusinec not accustomed to hide their feelings and willingly shared with friends ideas of building the Empire of the Aryans. Years and career is not cooled his zeal on the contrary, once on the ground the “true Aryans”, the Ukrainian diplomat revealed really. The investigation blogger Anatoly Sharia and the ensuing scandal apparently put an end to the career of the Aryan Consul. But what about his colleagues — with the Ukrainian ambassadors and consuls who have read and laykali openly anti-Semitic posts Marusina? In the history of the Aryan Consul and how widespread neo-Nazi ideas among Ukrainian diplomats, understood “the Tape.ru”.

Page Basil Marusina in Facebook is closed to outsiders, his posts can only watch friends. However, Anatoly Sharii was able to access its content. In your video the blogger shows selected publications of the Ukrainian diplomat.

02:40 minute, the Consul of Ukraine proposes the flag of Ariana — “the future of the Empire that should unite the land of the Aryans”. It is a yellow swastika in a blue circle on the red background-black flag (the symbol of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists approx. “Of the tape.ru”).

In other posts Marusinec develops the idea of Ariany — state, which, according to his plan, to live the true Aryans. According to the diplomat, the Aryans it is necessary to expand the Ukrainian living space at the expense of Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian lands. According to Ukrainian Consul, all the above Nations are low relative to the Aryans.

At 04:54 minute Shary demonstrates how Marusinec justifies the Holocaust. In the article “Holocaust Revisionism” he claims: “the Jews declared war on Germany in March 1934” and below says: “God punish Jews and Muscovites”.

In the second video noteworthy post of the Ukrainian Consul on the occasion of his 60th anniversary (13:42 min). The diplomat boasts a cake in the form of the book “Mein Kampf” (a software product of Adolf Hitler’s “My struggle” — ed. “Of the tape.ru”).

Marusinec from childhood, sympathized with the Nazis and Ukrainian collaborators. Friends and villagers believe that their role in the formation of his views played a father who fought in world war II in the German army and was nearly hit in the Stalingrad cauldron. The young man did not hide the nationalist, anti-Semitic and anti-Soviet views — however, in Western Ukraine, they were not something exotic.

To the diplomatic service Marusinec had no desire, according to the source “Strenia”. He grew up in a peasant family in the Transcarpathian region, and the limit of his ambitions was to get at least some education. Dreams come true. After the provincial training Institute Marusinec returned to his native village. At what point he became aware of their belonging to the Aryan race — is not known, but when entering the University, he went to the faculty of foreign languages, chose German. He has taught students the language and in my spare time I read, including everything I could find on the topic of interest of racial superiority. Knowledge of German, of course, greatly enhanced its capabilities.

Who knows, might not be Marusinec ideological nationalists, his life would have ended in his native village, studying the cultural heritage of the philosophers of the Third Reich, their predecessors and imitators. But he was attracted by the active, including political activities, and at the end of the 1980s, the rural teacher has joined the party “people’s movement” (“people’s movement” — ed. “Of the tape.ru”). 30 years ago, the national democratic party was one of the most popular in Ukraine.

From her the Consul several times ran to the Verkhovna Rada. However, the peak of his political career was the post of the head of the village Council in 1994. Of his most significant cases of the time we only know about the renaming of the rural streets in honor of Ukrainian nationalists — Bandera, Shukhevych, Konovalets.

At some point, Martinez realized that the village chief could become the crowning achievement of his political career, and decided to radically change their life and occupation. In 1996, at the age of 40, he enrolled in the Diplomatic Academy and, after graduating, went to work in Ministry of foreign Affairs. Some time worked in Kazakhstan, and then in the archives Department of the foreign Ministry.

According to the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko, the stars of heaven in the diplomatic field Marusinec not enough, and it had to fire in 2004. Then he has not passed the professional certification, but inexplicably managed to stay in the foreign Ministry. Yelchenko associates it with those [first] Maidan. On the background of those events personnel routine faded into the background, and Marusinec served. Subsequent transfer to consular work and moving to Germany, apparently, inspired him to new, more bright ideas.

Ukrainian foreign Ministry quickly reacted to the scandal involving his employee. The next day after the publication of the investigation to the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin in his Twitter announced that the anti-Semites have no place in the foreign Ministry, and began to regard the Consul disciplinary proceedings. However, the passion did not abate, and on Monday the 14th of may Marusina withdrew to Ukraine.

the Scandal with the Consul, provoked a strong reaction of Ukrainian envoy UN. In his blog on Twitter Volodymyr Yelchenko said he knew of Marushina before, called him a jerk and called not to judge Ukraine for such as he.

However, sharp statement of the Ukrainian Ambassador to the diplomatic corps of Ukraine met deaf with silence: other diplomats condemned colleague. The silence could be attributed to corporate ethics and unwillingness to wash dirty linen in public, however, there is reason to believe that the Ukrainian diplomats are driven by more than professional solidarity. Friends with the Consul-Aryan — two dozen profiles of foreign Ministry officials who not only read and likely, but also commented on his controversial positions.

In this story is of special interest not even the fact of anti-Semitic remarks Consul Maruchina. In the end, any system can penetrate radical, from time to time, hide their views. However, in a well-functioning public service, such staff must quickly identify and get rid of them. In the case of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has turned out otherwise.

Anatoly Shary demonstrates the staff page of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, who are friends with Vasily Maruchina. They saw his anti-Semitic publications and in the best case, no, they did not respond. Among friends in Facebook at the Consul — Deputy permanent representative of Ukraine to the international organizations in Vienna Ihor Lossovsky, former Ambassador of Ukraine to India and Australia Valentyn Adomaitis, Professor of the Diplomatic Academy Vyacheslav Cavity, Colonel-General interior Ministry Bogdan Pylypiv, former Minister of foreign Affairs, and nowadays the people’s Deputy Bogdan Tarasiuk and many others.

All these people belonging to the diplomatic elite of Ukraine, knew of the existence within its ranks of a radical anti-Semite and was silent. Even Ukraine’s permanent representative at UN, calling Marusina bastard and a jerk, says that know him long ago, and that, as already mentioned, was not a hypocrite and his views were not hidden.

Judging by the details of the biography of Marushina shared Yelchenko, he knows of at least 14 years. However, apparently, during this time, nothing was done in order to attract future Consul responsible or at least to expel him from the foreign Ministry. Moreover. Some representatives of the Ukrainian diplomatic elite is not just knew and remained silent, but expressed approval of the posts of Marushina.

for Example, November 4, 2015 Marusinec publishes photos of an ancient vessel, and writes: “Here is a jug. And he many thousands of years. And it is our swastika.” Like “his” swastika put the ex-Ambassador of Ukraine in India Valentyn Adomaitis and Colonel-General of the Ministry of internal Affairs in resignation Bogdan Pylypiv.

a Festive photo for the 60th anniversary of the Consul with a cake in the form of the book “Mein Kampf” praised the first Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Stupak, first Secretary, Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Valentina Krotova and Advisor-envoy of Ukraine to China Vasily Galanin.

September 26, 2016, the Ukrainian Consul shared the article about Kyiv Prince Svyatoslav. In the commentary he writes: “the Leader Svyatoslav — the liberator of the land of the Khazars from the Jewish yoke”. The post about the Jewish yoke also liked prominent Ukrainian diplomats — for example, the current Ambassador of Ukraine in Portugal Inna Ohnivets and the above-mentioned Valentyn Adomaitis.

After the publication of the investigation of the Sharia was exactly a week, however, the only reaction of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry was the opinion of Marusina from Germany. However, neither his leadership, which was supposed to control his subordinate or colleagues who laykali his Nazi and anti-Semitic positions, until now did not incur any punishment.

the Chairman of the Ukrainian Jewish Congress Eduard Dolinsky doubt that the scandal will have any major impact on colleagues Marusina: “I don’t think the punishment will affect the colleagues of the Consul who liked his posts, although the disciplinary sanction would have to receive all who saw it and didn’t react”.

the Lack of serious reaction of the state Dolinsky explains the peculiarities of modern Ukrainian society, which has developed a fairly tolerant attitude towards anti-Semitism. Such tolerance begins to alert the partners of Ukraine in the West. In April a group of 56 U.S. congressmen sent to US state Department the letter, which expresses concern about the growth of anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism in Ukraine. Congressmen accuse Ukrainian government the misrepresentation of the Holocaust, honoring the Nazi collaborators and unwillingness to investigate anti-Semitic crimes.

And on may 15, shortly after the withdrawal of Marusina, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum issued a statement in which he listed such examples of anti-Semitism, as the desecration of Jewish memorial sites and anti-Semitic statements by neo-Nazi groups in Lviv and Odessa.

Perhaps the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs had to react to the behavior of his employee solely because such letters and statements. And if in other circumstances it could just hush up, now from critics overseas allies do not just dismiss — election looming. The authorities of Ukraine is important not only in words but in deeds, to show fight anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism, to continue to count on sympathy and support from the West.

Spanish Fox

“the Tape.ru” continues the series of informative articles about the lives of dictators. Last week, we told on the Chilean Tirana Augusto Pinochet. The interest in them continued unabated during his reign, nor after he left office. The press was excited by reports of all new criminal cases that were instituted against Pinochet and closed with the same speed. This information is mixed with information about the state of his health. Most Chileans were interested in the question: whether it will live up to the court and answer for the deaths of thousands of people during his reign? Even now, after his death, Pinochet leaves local residents alone, causing some fierce hatred, and the other is a true delight. This time it will be the wife of a Spanish dictator Francisco Franco Carmen. She hasn’t been without pearl jewelry, was jealous of Eva Peron, fit in all the Affairs of her husband, trying to turn Spain into a Catholic Iran.

“Great wife of General Franco demonstrates his slender figure, scarcely discernible during hazy outfit of black gas, which gently caresses the expensive coat” — so poetically described by Doña Carmen, her biographer.

He was echoed by another historian, noting that the “sacrificial character” of the wife of Generalissimo hiding “steel determination and tenacity”. Both experts concurred that Doña Carmen was haughty, arrogant and proud. According to contemporaries, she very painfully react to criticism, was in this respect more vulnerable than her husband, the dictator.

Wife Franco always look flawless in public. “She was not a beauty, but she had an aristocratic profile, refined manners, she possessed a genuine vitality,” said close. She udelala its external appearance.

Increased interest in his own person time and again she was having trouble with. An unpleasant incident occurred in 1947, when into Spain came the wife of Argentine dictator Juan perón — Eva Peron. The famous Argentine, always dressed with taste, ordered a hat from their local designer (costumes from Chanel it will be just after this trip to Europe). Hat Evita was much extravagant and larger in size than that of Doña Carmen. His anger and chagrin knew no bounds.

First went to the Spanish designers of the first lady, afterwards Mrs. Carmen bought dozens of luxury and grandiose hats that henceforth no one was dressed more luxuriously than she is.

the Only thing that saved Carmen from despair — her jewels were larger and more expensive than Peron. For Antiques, jewelry, collecting jewelry and objects of art she had a special weakness. The Spaniards joked that their first lady as soon as there, immediately wears strands of pearls on the neck, and then deals with other matters. They called her Doña Collares (“Lady necklace”).

By the way, love the pearls and other famous women. So, the groom Rainier III bought his future wife grace Kelly pearl set for the wedding. One of the most favorite jewelry Marilyn Monroe it was a pearl necklace. More of such jewelry has become the future first lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy.

pearl Jewelry most often on the daily official visits of the British Queen wears Elizabeth II. My first jewel from the stone she had received at nine years old from his grandfather, the Geographical V, celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of his reign. Another similar decoration gave her parents on her 18th birthday. The necklace, simple but classically elegant, the Queen of Britain is life.

In the previous cases it was about gifts. Wife Franco in most cases, I bought everything myself. In search of Antiques, the first lady did not hesitate to visit the Madrid flea market. Her passion for such things has generated a lot of gossip. It was rumoured that many owners of jewellery shops, forced to give up her goods for next to nothing, had hard times after her devastating visits.

outside Spain, many people hardly know about its existence. However, inside the country the name of this women did not descend from pages of Newspapers. The Spaniards feared, hated it, and strongly envied her.

the Wife of the last dictator in Western Europe, a friend of Adolf Hitler and Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, no one was left indifferent. Haters of the first lady for her active intervention in the Affairs of the state call her zorra — “the Fox, the crafty”.

Carmen Polo was born in an aristocratic family, whose ancestors made their fortune in America. Her father was the son of a Professor of literature, mother — hereditary noblewoman. Future husband and the girl met in the spring of 1917, when 24-year-old Franco was transferred from Spanish Morocco in Oviedo. The local elite is very cold took a young man, calling him El Comandantino (Maiorescu). Franco did not save even his aristocratic origin. The family of Carmen to the persistent courtship of a lover treated with dissatisfaction: the reason was its poor financial position, the girl’s father thought that the officer is going to cash in on the marriage of his daughter provided.

Meanwhile, boyfriend has managed to arouse the interest of the Carmen and a few years later the family still agreed to the marriage, no small role was played by the military successes of Franco.

Subsequently, the marriage across the country will be called solid, durable and perfect. However, according to contemporaries, Franco didn’t pay his wife enough attention, putting in the first place military and later political career.

over the years, the Union turned in more than a formality, the relationship lost romance. A large role was played by the misunderstandings between the spouses. In one joint interview Carmen described the shortcomings of her husband: “the reason for the disagreement is his excessive love of Africa and reading books, which I do not understand anything”.

Despite this, it has played an increasingly important role in the political life of Spain, is actively interfering in the Affairs of her husband. So, in the last years of the dictatorship, she made her elderly and already ailing husband to include in the composition of the government of her favorite Carlos arias Navarro. After a little hesitation, the dictator decided to make him the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. Policy falling out of favor with doña Carmen, quickly lost their Ministerial portfolios. So, for example, flew out of their seats the liberal-minded head of the Mead Gregorio lópez Bravo and head interior Ministry Thomas Garicano GoNU.

the Spaniards were whispering that Carmen is responsible for the serious religious imbalance in the country. In the country joked that Spain has become a kind of Iran, only Catholic. Laws the adoption of which it has made, heavy toll on women. So, Spanish was strictly forbidden to leave the family, in order to obtain a Bank loan, the woman had to obtain the signature of the father or husband. In addition, the Spaniards could not become University professors, and even act as witnesses at the trials.

20 November 1975 Francisco Franco died and his designated successor, Prince Juan Carlos de Bourbon came to the throne as king Juan Carlos I. the Monarch has left former first lady, having welcomed a General’s widow a lifetime pension and a title of grandessa and Signora de Mars.

Only two months after her husband’s death she had to leave beloved Royal Palace of El Pardo. Here’s how it described its close: “when he Came home from Church, she last visited his room. All that belonged to her, was already safely Packed. At noon was a modest lunch with her daughter and granddaughter. At 18:10 she walked down the stairs of the castle. The servants expected her latest orders. Franco’s widow still wore mourning: she was dressed in black from head to toe, the only thing that adorned her three strands pearl necklace and large pearl earrings. She was saddened, knowing that it will lose everything that had being first lady.”

in Recent years, Carmen Franco lived a recluse, in isolation from its relatives, rarely left the house, did not communicate with the press and was not interested in political life of the country. Her husband she is survived by 13 years and died in his Madrid apartment. The widow of the dictator was buried near her beloved.

In 1987, she was not able to attend the next March of supporters of Franco, held on the anniversary of the death of the dictator. Doña Carmen survived her husband thirteen years and died 6 Feb 1988 in his Madrid apartment. According to the doctor Vicente Pozuelo Escudero, the cause of death of an elderly woman became aggravated on 1 February of bronchial pneumonia. Besides these, the deceased also suffered from chronic arthritis. My condolences on behalf of the Royal family to the relatives of the deceased brought Queen Sofia, who visited the daughter of Mrs. Carmen and her spouse.

the Widow of Francisco Franco was buried near the Palace of El Pardo. Queen Sofia came to visit her daughter and personally expressed his condolences. Witnesses said that a doña Carmen walked more than five thousand people, many were holding red-and-yellow Spanish flags with the images on them are black eagle (they used during the dictatorship of Franco).

the family of the former dictator and now lives happily ever after, still one of the richest in the country: their fortune is estimated at 160 million euros, and this is not including property and luxury items that they possess, as well as multi-million dollar business centered in their hands. One of the main asset remains Villa la Valdefuentes, built on the territory that the dictator had acquired almost came to power. Franco’s biographers assert that the money to buy the luxurious mansion he has received from charitable organizations.

the Fact that the dictator has a cost of 2.5 million pesetas in 1940, is now estimated at over 2.5 billion euros. On land owned by the family, there is a huge shopping centre Xanadu, which houses a bowling alley, mini-Golf, go-karting, cinemas and even indoor ski slope.

Spain still go serve about fabulous wealth and expensive things that got the family of the dictator during his reign. So, in 1978, the daughter of Franco, on their way to Switzerland, was caught in Madrid-Barajas airport. She had 38 precious medals that belonged to his father. The woman later forgave, forcing him to give artifacts to the Museum. According to the daughter of Franco, “they were lying around the house, driving her into depression”, so she wanted to melt them in a Swiss cuckoo clock.

the head of the clan was the grandson of Franco named Francisco. He owns a slaughterhouse that supplies meat for export, a network of restaurants La Coruña, laser medical center and shops of fashionable clothes Cortefield.