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Flourishing российскогоYouTube occurred at the beginning of 2011: then successful bloggers could be counted on one hand, and to get a million hits was considered an extremely rare achievement. After seven years, some became famous and rich, while others are simply forgotten. “the” tells how was born the main provider of help in the country — “Thank you, eve.”

student in the faculty of management, Moscow SGU Yuri Degtyarev founded his own Studio, a viral video at the end of 2006: then he, along with fellow students Arthur Galchenko (viewers know him by his alias, Sam Nickel) and Faith Shabanova made a few humorous sketches, which, however, did not enjoy much popularity on YouTube. Can in the commercials lacked some punch, or students for beginning it was necessary to “zero”.

However, after a few months the children understand what is their main feature: they do parodies of popular commercials. And newly minted bloggers are not lost: a video about Head & Shoulders shampoo has gone viral instantly. Subsequent creations classmates also shot: shot in one take “retarded” (as they were called) videos on absolutely any topic, whether it’s dancing in the subway or the antics in front of the camera, took hundreds of thousands of hits.

“the Studio was born by accident, we never intended to do what you do. Since childhood I have always had a very developed imagination, I thought that somehow it will sell: writing jokes, scripts. Using My Duck’s Vision is realized,” the told Degtyaryov in an interview.

within a few months the Studio was able to attract even the first advertisers, who ordered the whole rollers. According to Degtyareva, many customers had to dismiss in order not to lose earned credibility in the eyes of subscribers, which at the time was only a few thousand.

“sometimes We were working as freelancers with small advertising agencies, made their viruses. For Clear, Axe, recently did a dance in the subway for With this fed,” the explained then the founder of My Ducks Vision.

Thanks to an active online activities of the team noticed a rather large company. At the end of 2008 Degtyarev became the chief editor of the Russian video hosting RuTube: at that time the site has belonged to the Gazprom. In 2010, Degtyarev has grown to the position of chief producer, but after a year of successful ambitious left the company — most likely, he decided to throw all their forces to create the first serious Union help called “Thank you, eve.”

8 Mar 2011 My Ducks Vision has launched a so-called child project “Thank you, Eva,” which already more or less wealthy, bloggers have United in one big affiliate network. This was done for several reasons. As he says Degtyarev, he was afraid of confrontation help, which was to begin in their Autonomous existence. The founder of the popular Studio was confident that a top contentbykey sooner or later begin to share subscribers, so I decided to join forces.

“actually, when I met Ruslan Usachev, I was opposed to disturb the audience: relatively, someone looking boys someone girls. Then I realized that just exist in parallel will not be war” — told Degtyaryov.

a second reason the producer was silent to the last money for the blogger party he gave “Nashi”. Moreover, many of the participants, “Thank you, eve” did not even know existed.

the name of the new portal is regularly caused controversy among subscribers: what is Eva and what she needs to say thank you? So Degtyarev repeatedly had to decipher the naming “groups” in various interviews. As it turned out, eve is the biblical woman who took a bite of the forbidden fruit and where people were expelled from Paradise. The word “thanks” is used here ironically: the creators of the site obviously upset that don’t live in Eden. However Degtyarev so never and did not explain what does all videoblogging.

the Main purpose of the founders “Thank you, eve,” put help beginners and already popular videoblogger. In addition to joining forces, participation in the project guaranteed the residents of the exclusive chips directly from YouTube. So, bloggers receiving the status of official partners YouTube (which at the time was considered a sign of elitism, as it could boast only of foreign stars). In addition, the partners gave money from embedded advertising (in their pocket dripped 65 percent of the total amount of monthly). As a team, “Thank you, eve,” gained access to an affiliate admin panel, the detailed design of the channel and priority in search results. Such bonuses it was difficult to refuse, so the recruiting was in full swing.

Interestingly, the founder of My Ducks Vision demanded bloggers to produce only those shows, ideas for which he developed himself. Moreover, Degtyarev forbade them to develop the old formats, through which they have gained basic weight on YouTube and RuTube.

“Everything we’ve created on the “eve” came with a condition: the authors do not produce there the formats, which made a name for himself. If Usachev was making a movie about a movie, then to take them on the “eve” he will not. The site should be the meaning of existence is not just a place where they all gathered. All projects on the “eve” had to be invented by me. If it’s not invented by me, it’s on the “eve” not out,” — said the founder of the project.

Apparently, this model was invented by chance: Degtyarev was important to the residents of “eve” could not escape from the project and to take their videos, because the copyright on all created videos and formats owned by Degtyarev. So if blogger for some reason left the “Thank you, eve,” he could no longer continue my favorite users to show in the personal channel. However, at first everyone was happy with the conditions.

In the beginning, joined the project one of the most popular Russian videoblogger YouTube community: Ruslan Vikhlyantsev (aka Usachev, who, according to rumors, is a co-founder of “eve”) and Ilya Davydov (aka Madison). Both befriended Degtyarev before the start of the project: about Usacheva he knew on rollers in Russian video himself and called him before starting, but with Maddison he did and worked to create the TV show “Games to go”. Of course, the development of “eve” was also involved in Arthur Sam Nickel Galchenko, who also continued to make videos for Studio My Ducks Vision. Among his works the most viral video “Putin is pawing the voters!”, the actor touches a thousand girls Breasts, and then shakes hands with Vladimir Vladimirovich.

All of these bloggers received the status of “saints” — the so-called headliners of the project, which was part of the main team. They are able to influence domestic and foreign policy of the website. The rest of videomaker, which were published on the site without the right to vote, were called “apostles.”

the First video on the personal channel Ruslana Usacheva appeared in April 2010: a very young blogger-a student released a review of the movie “the Book of Masters”, where in a fairly easy manner and without profanity literally “executed” Director and screenwriters of the picture. This started his career Usachev as the chief Explorer of the films in the Russian segment of YouTube. It’s funny, but just a couple of years, this niche alone is a Eugene Badcomedian, which appeared on the horizon a year later. Incidentally, the long time involved in competing factions Caramba-TV.

However, Yuri Degtyarev wanted Usachev did for “Thank you, eve,” unique content, therefore, slightly changed the direction of the related Usacheva: instead of movies, he switched to the accounts of celebrities on Twitter. In 2011, the microblogging service was just beginning to gain Russia’s wild popularity.

In the end, in the pilot episode of the future show “Twitta” the blogger told a story about a girl Masha, which got the then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev messages in the social network. Video like subscribers, but shot a second video on Tina Kandelaki. The presenter is constantly shooting video, hold your smartphone vertically. Usachev latched on to this and for four minutes asked Kandelaki “reverse iPhone”. This phrase instantly has gone viral, and the video has collected almost half a million views — a big improvement for the time.

But constantly make jokes about Russian TV stars was impossible, because the guys from “Thank you, eve,” it was necessary to beat “nashistskih” financing. So the next few clips were again dedicated to Dmitry Anatolyevich. In particular, Usachev urged network users to hack the Twitter account of the President of Russia. For this he offered the winner a thousand dollars and another hundred for the most active hackers as consolation prize.

If today for such a call to the apartment of the blogger already raced several staff FSB and a bus with Riot police, in 2011 Usacheva, on the contrary, praised for their work. Moreover, Medvedev signed up to blogger to Twitter and periodically put the huskies on his records.

the Iconic Explorer video game “flew” to “Thank you, eve” with similar content: related again, but this time advertising on television. Standing in a t-shirt and shorts in front of the lens Maddison laughing over the most wretched commercials, simultaneously burping and cursing obscenities, while in the background played the song porn star Katya Sambuca. In General, the man did all the things for which he fell in subscribers.

it is Interesting that no political subtext in commercials Maddison was not: apparently, Degtyarev and failed to sway the apolitical blogger, even for a good fee. According to the “king of Runet” in an interview, the founder of “eve” with him even without the contract, therefore, could not dictate the rules.

“I had no producer ever. I have people who are able to promote on the Internet, there is one friend, Yuri Degtyarev, the founder of the My Duck’s Vision, he helped me, but no papers we are not officially signed,” — told blogger journalists a few months after the launch of the project. Most likely, about absence of the producer, he was being disingenuous, because “Advertising point” published on channel “eve”, but on papers he could trust, because all the show’s intermittent.

However, Maddison was one of the most important people for the development of the project as it was the largest and most loyal audience of all the “saints” of the platform. He became one of the main engines, “Thank you, eve,” because through his videos have gathered a huge number of hits.

Later, “Advertising point” for some reason had gone to bed, but instead “the king of Runet” has launched a new show called I-Vesti (by the way, there’s a casual topic of politics was raised). Maddison told me about all the important incidents in the network: about the same thing still does Ruslan Usachev Usachev in the show Today. However, I-Vesti lasted only three issues, and then blogger shut down and calling him “ridiculous and unnecessary”. However, the audience is “king” did not agree with these words and wanted to continue.

Then there were some shows, but all of them were one outcome: there were two or three series, and then the project for unknown reasons it was closed (many suspect that the reason was the comprehensive lazy MEDA).

the Trio channel’s “Student Council”, which today collects huge halls in the group “BREAD” was also one of the originators of “Thank you, eve.” Videos three former KVN members ‘ Denis Cokoji, Kirill Trifonov and Alexander soulico collected not less views than the publication of Maddison and Usachev.

Charismatic guys that some colleagues suspected sexual orientation, has gained popularity due reviews, profiles of famous people in “Vkontakte”. Their first “victim” was the founder of the social network Pavel Durov, the movie about which gathered over a million views.

unlike other “saints” residents “Thank you, eve”, Cokoja, Trifonov and Suliko paid much less attention to the review and survey: bloggers gathered at the apartment of one of them, shot pretty mediocre sketches, and grimace, inches from the lens (front right in front of the camera became a sort of trick).

In General, all the rollers of the staff are more like friendly gatherings freshmen, only without the alcohol and girls, but this content is liked by subscribers of the platform (and, of course, Degtyarev). So the guys weekly has released at least one video, and then launched a new show “Tell a friend”, where the number of mediocre sketches has grown considerably. By the way, some time they changed roles with Ruslan Usachev: he came to their show, but they are his.

Very quickly to vystrelivshey the project began to connect other bloggers, which at that time was almost unknown to the mass audience. For example, largely due to the “eve” today Vladimir Prosikhin (aka Lenin) riding for world tour concerts, speaking to the same group Little Big.

However, in 2011 he, along with a small team launched a pilot release of “Gaffy GAF” — treshovy Comedy show, stylized child transmission with cheap dolls on hand. At the same time to enhance the comic effect dog, Gaffe and zhirafik Rafiq discussed only current social themes: drinking, distribution of amphetamine and corrupt police officers. For obvious reasons, did not forget about politics. The show lasted a few seasons, and then Lenin began to produce other shows and videos: the most famous of them — “the New policeman”, where the man in the ironic form has touted police reform.

Also the first time after the launch of “eve” on it was published, Andrey Nefedov, which was noticed by the viewers on the website “Thank you, eve.” He created the show “Ninel Pofig,” which are drawn in anime style girl surveyed popular humorous videos. The author of the project, the first just parodied the already popular max +100500 Stas Davydov, however, it releases eventually became a standalone show. For some reason, Nefedov quickly ceased to cooperate with Degtyaryov: maybe he didn’t want to be associated with “Nashi”.

the project also became known Daniel Cross: he started to cooperate with “Thank you, eve” from the very start, drawing cartoons about Degtyarev Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. As he admitted in an interview in “Dude”, do this stopped after I learned some of the money he gets paid. Today he collects the Ice Palace, speaking with stand-up in front of thousands of people.

the site was published and other help, but not all of them remained afloat at the end of seven years.

“a year has Passed since the adoption of the law “On police”, but the country still laugh at the “renaming”. Most people do not believe in a real change in the structures interior Ministry. To prove the effectiveness of the reforms, the government decided to send the first police Department crew” — so reads the description of the most ambitious web series of 2012.

“Police days” played almost all the “saints” bloggers from the “Thank you eve”: Usachev, Madison, Lenin, Sam Nickel, a trio of “like” and a few guys from the crowd. It was planned that the series will become almost iconic, but it ended rather prosaically, after the project was closed after the third series.

None of the participants of the show didn’t tell the detailed version of why “Police work” had to be frozen forever. Most likely, there were several reasons. First, a number of bloggers on one platform just could not get along. In addition, in parallel with the process of filming of the series uncovered the whole truth about funding “Thank you, eve,” so many participants of the project left the sinking ship. In addition, the audience liked the series: pilot episode attracted almost three million views.

it is Noteworthy that “Police work” became the peak point of a platform Yury Degtyarev. Then began a black stripe that never ended.