Deep dive

the Dominance of pedophiles on the Internet — a problem for which police officers from different countries in the course of special operations become consumers of child porn and spend months on forums full of unrelenting rollers. Pedophiles are no worse than the drug dealers learned to hide the monstrous content, like to hide in the depths of the darknet. What are the police to catch rapists and violent people and material “the”.

the Most well-known police operation darknet was the capture of the forum Childs Play, on which they lived, traded and interacted thousands of pedophiles. The covert operation lasted almost a year and could have gone unnoticed if not investigation Norwegian newspaper VG: search owners and curators of the site have led journalists in the Australian Queensland, the headquarters of the police unit Argos. This unit specializiruetsya on crimes related to the abuse of children.

it Turned out that members of the Taskforce for a long time administer darknet portal, personally posting on this page. Fishing with “live bait” came to fruition for a few months the website audience has grown to several thousand. However, the main purpose of the police was the so-called “producers” — hundreds of users, supplying of the video: video recorded on Cam real rape and share files with others.

to access the site, the detectives found after capture its founder, canadian Benjamin Faulkner. The man and his accomplice were arrested and sent to prison for raping four girls in the U.S. in 2016, and the staff of Argos, captured the usernames and passwords of criminals, had Childs Play on Australian servers and took all the dirty work. The Australians gained full control over the website, but not to incur suspicion, they had to observe all the conventions adopted at the forum.

“Phew, what a month! Month of life, which I would not want to go back. Technically, much of this creepy shit happened in October, not September, so this is my last foray in this month” — this post the team has published on behalf of Faulkner. Monthly news from the administrator was a signal that the site is not compromised, all right.

Police continued to put on a Childs Play prohibited content and strongly promote it. In fact, in order to prevent future child victims, detectives had to go on the offense, spreading the files with scenes of violence. However, Australian law was on the side of Argos: on the territory of that state, the police are fully protected legally and can distribute infringing material, if required by the investigation.

“Dirty” methods are not confused by the Argos — on the contrary, the team was absolutely sure he is right. “Units like ours focus solely on ending the sexual abuse of children, and we will continue to work together on infiltration, destruction and dismantling of networks of sex offenders like this,” said the team leader, inspector John rouse.

Active work in Tor, publication prohibited video with the participation of children and active co-operation with international intelligence agencies allowed the Argos to save at least a hundred kids around the world. Despite the fact that most of the criminals supplying the content for Childs Play, are not citizens of Australia, plans a few dozen arrests, declaring the network of pedophiles in the international search.

This is not the first time exposure of the criminals from the darknet: some time ago the police managed to arrest several criminals, including Richard Hekla, which the British press dubbed “the worst pedophile in history.” He worked as an administrator for a large portal on the darknet and was almost obsessed with the idea of spreading information about sex with children. The scheme of implementation of the police were identical: for six months 2014, they actively used the darknet portal, which was considered the most reliable space for fans of abuse of minors.

Empire of child porn was constructed by the canadian businessman Brian Wei: the turnover of the site, distributing videos of child abuse, a few years ago was estimated at four million dollars. The owner is almost maral owner: the court found him guilty of 15 episodes. However, extensive records Wei became the main tool for further investigation. The tenth part of all his clients (almost 400 people) was in Australia — it has enabled local police from Argos join.

the Surgery was extremely difficult: for members of the closed group are closely watched in the first place administrators, quickly blocking inactive accounts and forcing regular visitors as often as possible to load new content. Maximum “silence” the user could take 30 days. On the website operated complex hierarchy: responsible for certain sections of the “managers” were screened in the received content by genre and manually evaluated each account, depending on the quality of them. Ordinary users were up to 45 thousand people.

the Second prisoner in the course of the investigation was 32-year-old Shannon McCool, engaged in the field of child care. To apprehend the offender police officers respect the distinctive feature of man: his “trick” was the word hiyas, which he welcomed visitors to the forum. McCool gave herself away when similarly turned to associates on a completely normal site in the Internet, where they discussed cars. The Council for the lifting of the suspension has cost him his freedom: for the administration of the darknet site he was sentenced to 35 years.

the Third actual “Director” and administrator of the website was 30-year-old Briton huckle residing in Malaysia. His obsession was prohibitive — he constantly offered fresh videos and pictures, positioning its activity as producer working in his own “video production services”. In addition to audiovisual files, huckle has provided supporters a library: he personally wrote many instructions on how not to leave traces in the network. The peak of his literary talent became 180-page textbook called “the exclusive step by step guide for the practice of safe and fun sex with children” and a 60-page volume of “Pedophiles and poverty: a Handbook for lovers”.

the Officers had to see many photos taken by Huckle, pretending great interest in his “creativity”: they measure the background in the pictures with the features of climate and nature in different countries. The footprints led them in Southeast Asia, where based strange company Huckool Photography Productions. In your public profile in Facebook feel unpunished huckle published pictures of the same kids who were the heroes of his darknet profile. Hackl has organized a virtually waste-free manufacturing: “pedophile” content sent to the darknet, and confused or frightened juvenile waited of likes in the public domain.

Traced Chakla post about his trip home to the UK, the police arrested it in Gatwick airport. On hard drives and computers that were seized from him, police found more than 20 thousand files containing images of children (he was involved in the satisfaction of their needs about a thousand minor). Huckle acknowledged guilty in episode 71 (the age of his victims ranged from six months to twelve years) and was sentenced to 22 life terms.

Closing the site, the police wrote a farewell post, full of tender words against him: it platform was named a living creature and main passion. However, after the disappearance of the “first persons” of the portal and its main “supplier” nick was frightened and, apparently, moved on to other platforms. News about the arrests led to a complete closure of the site: however, the police by this time had enough evidence to prosecute hundreds of people.

the Practice of finding pedophiles on the Internet known to the police for a long time: at the beginning of zero conducted large-scale operation that resulted in the arrests of dozens of criminals who spread child porn.

the Detectives in the line of duty have to spend time among pedophiles who serve in the agencies of many countries. A few years ago, the British media covered the work of Ian James, who for several years took root in a community of pedophiles and contributed to their detention. However, James worked in the network and in real life, making it difficult for the RAID: sometimes he had to wait for the time of the attack or the beginning of caresses, to take the offender red-handed. “The men I dealt with were from 20 to 60 years. They worked as teachers, advisors, University professors, and some were unemployed” — shared officer. He saved at least 55 children, each operation lasted from 8 to 18 months.

However, not all the work of the police goes smoothly: in the summer of 2017 convicted for pedophilia sued police in the United Kingdom: in his opinion, they have abused their power during the RAID. Law enforcement officers gave him 10 thousand pounds (almost 850 thousand roubles, Prim. “Of the”) for the introduction of a gang of criminals who commit sexual crimes against minors in Newcastle. The former prisoner was shocked that the guards had compromised it by giving personal data to the public. Indeed, a former prisoner helped the investigators, however, their obligations in relation to it are not fulfilled.

Failures of the police are sometimes forced to automate the process: a few years ago Spanish scientists developed virtual bot, Negobot, which behaves like a 14-year-old girl. Recognizing suspicious interest on the part of adults, Negobot starts to provoke them.

And in Indonesia, a group of pedophiles were able to calculate by the initiative group of mothers. A woman named Rorona Simorangkir, constantly vyguzova in the social network Facebook pictures of their children, discovered a closed community of members who share photographs and videos that contain scenes of brutal treatment of children. Some of them claimed that they themselves produce such content.

Simorangkir, together with friends, conducted its own investigation. In the group they found not only cruel pictures, but discussion of sexual relationships with minors. “They discuss how to approach and seduce a child to get him to have sex with you, and what you can do to these children said nothing to their parents, how to have sex with children, not to leave bloody wounds”, — said the woman. In her stories, one of the members of the community boasted a history of seducing his nephew. After gathering evidence, the women went to the police. It turned out that 7000 members spread over 400 videos and hundreds of photos. Now the investigation is coordinated by FBI: it is assumed that the community was part of the international group for the exchange of child porn.

Argos (in Greek mythology was the name of the liberator of the people from monsters) continues active actions, like their counterparts in Europe and the United States. While there is the darknet works they abound.