Delicate matter

the Brain of a child is a delicate matter, and we must not forget, when trying something to teach him. According to the Creator of intellect-club for children “Eniki-Branice”, as well as educational projects for adults, Andrei Belichenko, to work with the younger children much more difficult, but with the right approach and the results you can achieve amazing.

Andrew is engaged in the development of several projects. One of them is education for entrepreneurs “Factory of business”, where he is managing partner. The other two — fully independent — intellect club for kids “Eniki-Branicki” and the company to build sales — “Military sales”.

the Project “Eeny-Branicki” started last year, but the way Belichenko for independent activities began in 2008 with the work of a teacher of additional education. “Last year I had a final career leap when I realized that I have nowhere to grow: starting to work as a teacher, I rose to the position of Director of the subsidiary. The next step would be to go to the Board of Directors or go to independent swimming. I chose the latter, left the company and became involved in the development of the educational project,” he said.

the means of starting capital was a rented room and picked up the staff. “By this time I knew how to build a business process, in addition, I had a technique of development of intelligence, where key emphasis is placed on the development of memory”, — said Andrey.

Inside the club, there are two directions. First — work with toddlers, children 3 to 6 years who are taught to read, to pronounce sounds, to talk, to communicate, play and prepare for school. The second direction — work with students from 7-8 years and the upper age limit here, according to Andrei, is not limited to, because adults, too, come to develop certain skills. Key area is provided for children grades 3-5, parents are concerned about their problems with learning, which, they believe, arise from memory issues. “But we are very often confronted with the fact that in children the problem is not with memory but with concentration. And with this we are now working quite a lot,” says the founder of the project.

the Children who come to intellect club, not teach specific subjects and skills — memorization, assimilation and analysis of information. “One of the key elements of our method lies in the individual approach, therefore we have a very small group of 4-5 people, — says Andrey. — With the guys we are trying to communicate, on the one hand, as Mature individuals — we call them children and we conduct classes in the form of a game and try to update the information obtained by them, choosing topics that are of interest to the children, not their parents.”

In intellect club lot of gaming sessions. “The development of intelligence is largely associative story: about how a man thinks, how he sees things around him as he guesses the reality of how he speaks, interacts with other people. All of these aspects we touch, we teach children to form associations, playing games on the care, as well as in more complex logic games — in a special simplified version of chess, and so forth,” says Andrew.

One lesson at the club lasts 90 minutes and during this time there is 5 shifts of activity — warm up, exercises for memory, games pause when the children can Express themselves. Every 4 classes testing to assess how the material learned. “But there is an important caveat — we do not compare a monkey with a fish, because every child is different and everyone has his own starting level. Therefore, we evaluate them not on the averages, and as far as they have come”, — said Andrey. With the help of tests on memorization of the club determine how children learn how to develop their memory.

“in addition, we have received feedback from parents about how the children improve in school subjects, but the key in this respect — the Humanities, the absorption of which we influence. And often parents by the end of the school year, when exhibited quarter and annual results, pointed out that the assessments were tightened. We’re not talking about some kind of phenomenal success — it is clear that it is not a magic pill, but if the progressive to do in 2-3 months we have some results,” he said.

At the same time, as noted by the Creator of the intelligence club, the methods used by, professionals working with children, it is also applicable in a regular school, but as a rule, they demand only on foreign language lessons. “It is amazing that before they were used, for example, when I studied my parents in the 70-ies. And then it was gone,” said Andrew, adding that he tried to offer his method to several schools. “I can’t speak for the whole school system, but I do not feel that is impossible to implement any non-standard method, because in General — excluding individual regions, where everything is more-less OK in many places simply not enough teachers. Departing from Moscow on 15-20 km, and we are talking not about some techniques to implement, and how to find a teacher of computer science! I myself experienced this when I worked at one of the schools,” said Andrei Belichenko. Therefore, he continued, it is first and foremost to complete the staff of teachers, and then implement techniques. “First and foremost, it is necessary that all was in order with the base, and then people start looking for something else to develop the educational competencies,” he added.

Andrew plans to expand the project and by August-September this year to organize two more such club. “I am now negotiating with partners — our project is interested in Kazan, and I only, we have something to convey, so perhaps open and there,” said the source.

For further business development required additional tools. About the Business Navigator SMEs Andrew, in his words, learned from a friend who told him about the advent of the online for business, where you can select a room for rent to create a business plan and much more. “Now, by Portal Business Navigator SMEs I estimate demand and study the pedestrian accessibility of places, where they plan to open additional points — it is very convenient!” — said the author of the project. According to him, to assess pedestrian accessibility — and this is very important when it comes to children in other ways can be very difficult, but the portal is very convenient.

According to Andrew, the author of not only for children but also for adults to work with children much more difficult. “The adult is formed the conceptual apparatus, it is difficult to destroy psychologically, he is responsible. For children is the responsibility of the one who teaches them. The brain of a child is a delicate matter, can be one word to change a person, and well, if in a positive way, he says. — Many kind of approach? Failed fool, but the problem is actually somewhat deeper, and with this very carefully it is necessary to work. I carefully select teachers and partners, because children is a huge responsibility.”