First after farther

News, which surprised even the most diehard skeptics, came late in the evening of may 15. The legend of Argentine and world football Diego Maradona until now head of the Arab club, “al-Fujairah”, became Chairman of the Brest “Dynamo” and preparing to move to Belarus. What contributed to this and how Maradona has accepted such a radical step, understood “the”.

Few people know what Maradona was doing since the controversial resignation of head coach of Argentina, taking off from the 2010 world Cup. Even before the world Cup Maradona has lost the confidence of almost all football analysts and criticized for choosing a team: not caused by left Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Zanetti — experienced performers, but, according to Maradona, “the players, corrupting atmosphere of camaraderie in the team.”

Argentina was at that time already hungry to victories, because the last world championship the team has won as many as in 1986. It is therefore particularly encouraging was an endless interview with Maradona in which he said: “I Believe in this team. We leave on the field your life, but will win.” Diego promised that in case of victory the team will run naked around the Obelisk in Buenos Aires. From such a desperate act the Argentine was saved by fate: in the quarterfinals the Germans literally tore Maradona’s team with the score 0:4, which was a huge disappointment not only for coach but for the whole country.

What a load of barbs, and sometimes insults, was not released to the Maradona! Even Pele, with whom the Argentine was a friend, called him “a brilliant footballer, but a bad coach.” Critic from Pele, of course, so-so: the king of soccer, never tried myself in this role. Despite this, it is the remark of the Brazilian since then is the main characteristic of Maradona as a coach.

Maradona left the national team at once: first, the management of Federation of football of Argentina has demanded to dismiss the part of the coaching staff, and himself Diego was suddenly offered a contract for another four years. But a former football player, regarded it as an ultimatum: “It was as if they asked you to leave me. They wanted to dismiss my people, but the question I even did not discuss. I have my own code of honor, which taught me my father. I’m not going to betray,” said Maradona after he left the post of head coach.

With the departure of the national team of Argentina in the life of a former football player the time has come for fuss, running around from club to club and attending social events. At first, he apparently hoped to receive invitations from the top national teams and clubs. So, Maradona was going to lead the Portuguese national team, then — “Aston Villa” and, in the end, agreed to return to the national team, taking the dismissal of the assistants, but by the time this team he has no one waiting.

At the end of 2010, Maradona claimed the post of chief coach of the club’s first English championship “Blackburn Rovers”, and then the national team of Iran. However, these proposals Maradona refused to play. Due to old problems with drugs broke to move to Japan. Argentinian clubs were reluctant to offer Maradona even as a consultant.

Simultaneously with the search for coaching Maradona was gradually immersed in secular life. Since 2010 and until today he actively participated in charity events. Eight years ago he first visited Moscow and took part in the competition, all from which prize money (500 thousand dollars) was spent on the creation of the first Russian register of bone marrow donors to help children suffering from cancer. “I really wanted to win more money, because I understand how sick children in need. I myself am a grandfather, and I understand that children are our future, I really wanted to help them, I hope that I’ve managed,” commented act Maradona.

a month Later, he organized a charity match between the national teams of veterans of Uruguay and Argentina, all the money from which went to the treatment of former national team player Fernando Caceres, was seriously damaged as a result of armed bandit attacks. Maradona himself in that game scored two goals. Then in 2010, the Argentine took part in a charity event in China under the auspices of International red cross.

the Great Argentine was involved in the filming of “C e posto per te” on one of the channels belonging to the Silvio Berlusconi. There he met 18-year-old Lucas from Naples, who brought Maradona to tears. Lucas was born with facial deformities. In order to help him, needed a considerable sum of money. Then Diego has organized the charity match, which managed to collect 40 thousand dollars. This allowed to operate on the boy five times.

In may 2011, Maradona has received an offer from the UAE. He reached agreement with the local club “al-Wasl”. 17 may 2011, Maradona signed a contract with the team for two years with a salary of 3.5 million euros per season. The cooperation ended in a major scandal.

To match with Emirates Diego kicked a fan who tried to raise the banner of the field. Later, the Argentinian apologized, but it didn’t help. A month later, “al-Wasl” lost with the score 0:5 club Dubai Cup in the UAE. In the same month, the club President accused the coach in the inability to conduct transfer business. Maradona in response spoke sharply: “the Club lacks professionalism. Some players are students, others are with the police. In addition, training can be not all. Sometimes, in my a 16, and sometimes 24 players”.

Became clear that Maradona will not stay in the Emirates for a long time. In December 2011 there was a new scandal: Maradona was fined $ 2,700 and disqualified for three matches for the conflict with the head coach of club “al-ain” by Cosmin Olaru. The Argentine was unhappy with how Olara celebrated a goal against his team: Olara showed Maradona obscene gesture. After the game, Diego said that his counterpart gave the players of his team to injure the player, “al-Vasla” the Mariano Donda. Olara denied the allegations and added that the Argentine drugs, which in the past he was fond of, is not always sane. Coach “al ain” expressed the opinion that Maradona should respect the profession and going to games in shorts.

the Incident had sad consequences: stadium “al-Vasla” was suspended for two games. Then Maradona has accused the football Federation of the UAE bias against his team. But it was not the end.

In the next match, Diego got in a fight with fans from the VIP stand of the opponent, “al-Vasla”, “al-Shababa”, which insulted the girlfriend of Maradona — Veronica Ojeda. In April 2012, he had another conflict with the club management due to the fact that the term has not been purchased promised players. This was the last straw.

on 11 July 2012 the management of “al-Vasla” dismissed the Argentinian as the chief coach. As was reported at the team page on Twitter, the reason for dismissal of Maradona was the fact that during the season, “al-Wasl” not only failed to win titles, but fell from sixth to eighth place in the championship of the country, although there are only 12 teams.

five years after the failure, in 2017, Maradona got a second chance in the Emirates: he led the club “al-Fujairah”. 27 APR 2018 Maradona has resigned as head coach because the team failed to qualify for the first division championship of the UAE. Three days later, however, the information appeared that the parties agreed to extend the contract for a year. In the end, the club management refused to cooperate with the Argentine justice, his lawyer has requested a salary increase four times.

we All thought that the time of Maradona the coach has expired. Legendary football player as a mentor so anything and has not achieved. For many it was a living proof that a good player is not always a good coach. But the Argentine football has given the public very little time to think. After only a couple weeks after the dismissal visit Brest “Dinamo” in a Twitter message: “Yeah, Diego is with us!”

Such a development of events was not expecting anyone. Maradona and Belarusians never tied up, and the only post-Soviet country which the player visited before, was Russia. Last time it happened in December 2017, when Diego among other football high ranking persons participated in the world Cup draw.

the Situation with his invitation in Brest “Dinamo” looks ridiculous. It is unclear why Maradona is needed in Belarus, especially in the position of Manager. In fact many times proven: the legendary Argentine does not know how to lead and seems to know nothing about transfer policy and his coaching career is continuous scandals and defeats.

However, the Belarusians is not the first time such a thundering sensation in February 2017 Dynamo supposedly negotiating with Kevin Kuranyi — eminent striker, the Russian fans memorable performances for Dynamo Moscow. Online wrote that the Brest club have offered the striker the crazy contract, and he even traveled with the team for training camp. Rising excitement Kuranyi was forced to deny the fact of signing of the contract.

But this time the information about the star beginner “the Dynamo” officially confirmed. It is known that the contract was signed for a period of three years. Moreover, from now on, the Argentine owns 20 percent stake in the club. Press Secretary of “Dynamo” Olga Hizhinkova said: “Diego will start his duties after the world Cup in Russia. We’ve been searching for it dwelling. Much of the time it will be in Brest”. She also said that the invitation to Maradona in Belarusian football — not a PR, but rather a successful attempt to extract from the collaboration use.

the club can not know about the coaching and management of the reputation of Maradona, so obviously, it just chased a big name. The Argentinian is unlikely to help the Belarusian football as a coach he was unable to help neither the Argentine nor an Arab. But Maradona brightened with his presence the news and gave the world a reason to remember (or learn) about this football club as Brest “Dinamo”.