Glory To Croatia!

To the end of the world Cup in Russia less time. Behind — the second semi-final of the world Cup, that saw the national teams of Croatia and England. For this match, the Russians were watching with increased attention. The matter is that the Croats, who in 2007 helped the Russian team to get on turning the Euro tale, but this time did not let the Stanislav Cherchesov to continue the fight for the Cup. “the” — about how the British and the Croats shared the second ticket to the final of the world Cup.

the British came to the world Cup one of the youngest teams. The average age of “three lions” — incomplete 26, under only the Germans and the Nigerians. After another unsuccessful tournament of European championship 2016, where in the 1/8 finals was stopped by the Icelanders, the team was replaced exactly half of the whole. Instead Roy Hodgson’s team was headed by Gareth Southgate.

the England Team really needed fresh blood. The founders of football, it is vital to remove the curse of the losers: the first and currently the last victory of the English at the world Cup dates back to 1966 year. A new generation of expectations met.

In the group stage of the 2018 world Cup, the British met with Tunisia, Panama and Belgium. If the first two teams were “three lions”, with Belgium was hard. “Red devils” won with a minimum score and left the British in second place in group G. it was Already clear that with this victory, the Belgians ordered a further way. In the end, after victories over the Japanese and Brazilians they lost to the French. England was more fortunate. In the 1/8 finals they faced the Colombians in the quarter — finals, the Swedes.

With the composition of the British at this time also in order. Southgate chose a scheme with two forwards: Harry Kane and Raheem sterling. First, by the way, once again had a great season for Tottenham and with 30 goals in 37 games was second in the race scorers in the Premier League. For the record Mohamed Salah from Liverpool he was just two goals. In Russia, Kane is just as good: the world Cup semi-final he came top scorer, scoring six goals.

Completely replaced after Euro 2016 and the composition of the England goalkeeper. Now at the gate, a young Jordan Pickford, which debuted for the senior team less than a year ago. Lack of experience did not prevent him, and at the world Cup he was voted the best player of the match — in the quarterfinals against Sweden. Pickford confidently played at the exit, and in the match with Colombia he won the penalty shoot-out, stopping shot Carlos bacca (another blow to the South Americans hit the post).

With the arrival of Southgate, the British were more likely to hit from afar: score rarely obtained, but the entertainment the game gives such a tactic. Overall, the England team looks much stronger now than even two years ago. If then the success is not believed even in their homeland, now the fans of this team are just crazy. After the exit of England in the semifinals of the fans for a few minutes, bought tickets for all of the possible flights to Moscow.

fans of the Russian team shared before this match into two camps. Alone in the offense for the defeat of the Russians in the quarterfinals, wanted Croatia’s speedy departure. Others kept saying, “Let the Croats take the Cup. Turns out that our team lost the world champion.”

the group stage of the “checkers” won all three matches: with the Nigerians, Argentines and Icelanders. But after the match of 1/8 final against Denmark, which ended with the victory of the Croats on penalties, talking about the banal luck. Wonders Kasper Schmeichel (in the form of a penalty taken in extra time and two in the post-match series) the Danes did not save. In the quarterfinals of the Croatia waited for the Russian team sensationally beat the Spaniards. The Russians fought to the last, equalized a few minutes before the end of extra time, but penalties still lost.

Despite this, the Croatian national team at this world Cup very strong. “Checkers” play one striker, because the second they simply do not need. Mario mandžukić at the tournament and almost scored, but for him it makes the Midfielders. Team Zlatko Galicia is probably the most powerful middle line in the world.

the Gate of Croatia protects the 33-year-old Daniel subašić, football player, Monaco. He was the permanent goalkeeper of the national team in 2014, when gone from the national team of Stipe Pletikosa. In the match against the Danes he saved three goals in the penalty shootout, and in the quarterfinals took a shot Fedor Smolov (however, this was probably due to the error forward).

the Match against England Croats, despite the exhausting schedule of this world Cup, started briskly. However, in the Russian world Cup, the ball is ruled by the standards. England defender Kieran, Tripple successfully struck free-kick, throw the ball over the wall into the near top corner. And now the English team is in the lead. For them, this ball was the ninth of the 12 goals scored in the tournament.

After the goal, the Croatian team briefly went into a state grogg, giving the British a few scoring chances. It was Harry Maguire — from a corner, Harry Kane, but this time from an offside position. The idea of the Croats to beat the opponent on the counterattack failed, (the founders of football played very compactly), and they needed a backup plan.

the British, failing to realize they had their moments, are less likely to attack and entrenched in their own half. How much would the Croats nor possession of the ball, the opponent did not allow them to turn in the last third of the field. Fans could be sad due to the lack of at least one Latin American team at this stage of the world Cup. Brazilians, though not always successfully, tried to create vivid moments and the semi-finals, as the previous one, looked to be deflating.

the Second half of the situation has not improved. The Croats have become a little faster and bolder in attack; the English, trying to keep the score more arguing with the REFs than trying to develop the game in the opponent’s half of the field. And it was necessary to continue playing. Rubber chicken match to win.

the Opponent realized it is time to act. At the 69th minute, the midfielder Croats Ivan Perisic jump opened the scoring Pickford and returned that match the drive. After scoring a goal the Croatian players felt that the situation was again in their hands, and still have a chance to make it to the next shootout, and maybe even win the match in normal time. Perisic hit the post; Modric, despite the size, fought for air; the Kind of enthusiastically praised not Ukraine, but Croatia. And it was for that. The ending of the match came out hard to score, but each other rivals couldn’t.

We, fortunately or horror, again was waiting for extra time. For Croats it has become a commonplace, after all, already the third in the playoffs. A team of Dalica is targeting a new record of endurance. Forces from both semi-finalists had less, although sometimes there were bursts of activity. New teammate Ronaldo, Mario Mandzukic could have put the Croats ahead in the first extra-time, but Pickford blocked his shot.

there was still 15 minutes of playing time. And what was waiting for us in the shootout? The Croats have pulled two previous series, and the British seem to have gotten rid of the curse that haunted them at the world Cup, winning on penalties Colombians.

Only penalty is not reached. On the 108th minute, the same mandžukić has popped up on the transfer perišić, shot into the far corner, and deprived the British for the first 50 years of the world Cup final. And gave the Croatians first ever start in the decisive match of the world Cup.