Like for the dead

In the modern world death of a famous person entails not only numerous publications in the media, but also the wave of likes, tweets and farewell video. However, forget about the tragedies rather quickly, but not all. “” has studied the profiles of the dead celebrities and found out how the YouTube channels of departed people live their lives.

32-year-old expert on poisonous snakes, and also a pretty famous video blogger from St. Petersburg Arslan Valeev happy subscriber for several years. Since 2011, the man managed to put on the vastness of YouTube, almost 900 clips: in them he talked about the care of terrarium animals. On his channel were not only tutorials, but also live entertainment.

“Any risky actions on the video do not recommend to repeat all this dangerous and executed by professionals” — so reads the description of the channel “Private zoo”. Most likely, the blogger had no idea how his actions are risky: in September 2017, he died during a live YouTube broadcast after a bite from a black Mamba.

up on the page men was watched by several hundred people. Valeev seem specifically to tease a dangerous snake, which responds to sudden movements. Some users suggested that the incident with Valeeva — not that other, as suicide: on the shoulders of the blogger fell quite a lot of problems, which he repeatedly mentioned in social networks. And all coming from the black Mamba danger specialist exactly realized that his article about the reptiles repeatedly published scientific journals.

However sudden death of works did not put an end on his YouTube channel. Rather, quite the contrary: a month after the death Valeeva signed up a record number of people in the history of the page. Only in October 2017 at a “Private zoo” came almost 40 thousand new people, bringing the total number of subscribers at that time amounted to about 250 thousand.

I Wonder what channel is popular even in March 2018: on average it is signed by 700-800 people daily. The last video was filled with relatives in already distant November.

Journalist and video blogger Andrey Rybakin pleasing the fans that mocked the expensive (and not so) cars. The man had removed a brilliant and unconventional related to domestic and foreign auto industry. Lucky, if the car was left after such a “review” intact: Rybakin often crashed into trees, poles and any other obstacles on the road.

of Course, were also among the audience and those who are content eccentric and forever cursing autoblogger don’t like: he frequently stopped and ticketed by the cops, who also watched his videos. What is a recording from the DVR Rybakin, where he drove on the lawn and the sidewalk, almost knocking down pedestrians, at least for this it could be debarred for at least five years (or pasted all the Windows with stickers “Stopham”).

However, up to this moment the man simply did not survive. No, he’s not died in a car accident and its not caught up dissatisfied. It happened is much more prosaic: in July 2014 Rybakina his skull smashed in with a baseball bat in his own house during one of his drinking bouts.

After the death of his blogger friends have published another twelve clips from the video archive Rybakin: the last one came out in December of the same year. However, the channel slowly continue to subscribe even after four years. For example, in March 2018 to follow the updates are still 83 people — quite a good result for the long-dead in all senses of the channel.

Odessa was searching-traveler Maxim Lipatov has created a channel “LOPATIC” in 2008, however, he never achieved great success: even after nine years most of his movies collected more than 100 thousand views, and the number of subscribers was hardly more than 20 thousand people.

Perhaps Lipatov had little time for development of projects, and maybe people didn’t like the format of his show. Still, few people on their own want to subscribe to the page, which the author promises to remove “uporotyh nischebrodskie travel projects”.

In December 2016, the man left in “Vkontakte” a suicide note in which he spoke about the suicide. Traveler said about the desire for self-destruction, and asked nobody to blame for his death. “Now hope and doubt left — this is the end of my journey,” — said Lipatov. The body of blogger found in a few days.

Apparently, the desperate act of a young man coupled with a sad suicide note prompted people to actively subscribe to his channel, though the video is not there any more out. For a few months to a small army of fans of the deceased Lipatov joined by four thousand people: an average, it is signed by ten people a day.

abroad a strange trend with subscriptions to channel dead famous person seems even more obvious: on the dead help sign in many times more people.

14-year old Isabella Christine Santos — beauty blogger from Brazil, which gave the followers various tips on makeup, as well as interviewed local celebrities from the world of music and entertainment. In mid-February 2018 the girl was shot, she was hit by a stray bullet on the highway, where a skirmish between the two drivers.

Two suspects were detained, however, Santos is already unlikely to help. According to doctors, the brain of the girl died, despite the fact that the body still lives. Neurologists are sure that the teenager has almost no chance to survive.

Before the accident channel girls consisted of a total of 28 thousand followers, but on the day of the incident, the number of pages increased by almost half. By the beginning of March for a profile Isa Top Show began to follow 113 thousand people, and this figure is growing every day.

a Similar thing happened with American rapper Gustav Hor, better known under the pseudonym Lil Peep. For 21 years the guy has made a pretty big heights in the music world: critics called it one of the first bands post-emo revival, and published on the YouTube clips have scored millions of hits.

However, the dizzying success at an early age very often has a negative impact on the psyche of famous artists. It happened here: the life of a young singer was interrupted on 15 November 2017 due to an overdose of narcotic drugs.

However, the already popular YouTube channel of the rapper has “exploded” from the influx of new subscribers. If before the death of his page for several years counted a little over 300 thousand loyal fans, by March 2018, their number has increased to one million three hundred thousand. The number of subscribers has quadrupled. Hard to say, he would have reached similar results, if his life turned out differently.

do Not think that after death among bloggers and artists grow only channels on YouTube: the same thing happens with other social networks. According to the statistics, account Lil Peep in Instagram in November of 2017 had about 860 thousand subscribers, but by mid-March 2018 to the profile of the deceased rapper has already signed two and a half million people.

Naturally, each user has their own reasons why they subscribe to the accounts of deceased celebrities. However, it is unlikely they will be able to answer this question, because often these actions occur almost instinctively.

most Likely, the user is influenced by several quite important factors. First, so people are trying to Express condolences in connection with the care of the person in the other world. If before with a similar task was done candles or notes of the Church, in 2018, young people used to Express grief in very different ways. Subscription man — a modern way to pay tribute.

This desire is perfectly evident in the comments to the last posted video. Almost all indifferent leave the same type of record, like “Love, remember, mourn”, “the Earth you rest in peace” and such sorrowful comment.

second, some fans still hope to see some unreleased content on the channel is a dead blogger. It often happens: friends or relatives of the deceased, after some time, publish materials from the personal archive of a star. For example, the channel Lil Peep every couple of months continue to get clips and backstage recorded until November 2017.

Another important factor is the coverage of the death of a famous person in the media. The more publications write about the death of the blogger, the more potential subscribers learn about his work in General. Healthy curiosity that motivates these people to watch videos of the deceased and read about it in more detail.

do Not forget the fact that some potential subscribers are not even aware of the death of blogger when I first get on the page. One day, I stumbled on an interesting movie, they are not looking up to and waiting for new releases, and then completely forget about its existence.